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Where to place cacti according to Feng Shui

Cacti are one of the most fashionable plants to decorate in recent years. They have become popular not only because they need little care, but because they tend to look good in most environments. However, followers of a lifestyle based on Feng Shui, see this plant as a possible catalyst for bad energies in case of not knowing where to place it in our home and end up placing it in the wrong place that affects the energies. Where are cacti placed at home? What is the meaning of cacti according to the bases of Feng Shui? Do not worry, because it is easier than it seems to follow these rules so that, without giving up these unique plants, you can have a balanced environment in your home.

At AgroCorrn we want to show you where to place cacti according to Feng Shui , so that you learn how to decorate your home or office with cacti to favor the entry of good energies and ward off negative ones.

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  1. Do cacti bring good luck or bad luck according to Feng Shui?
  2. Where NOT to place cacti according to Feng Shui
  3. Where to put cacti according to Feng Shui

Do cacti bring good luck or bad luck according to Feng Shui?

Surely you have heard that a cactus inside the house gives bad luck Plants are considered prone to bring bad luck according to the rules of Feng Shui. This is not entirely true. The basic rules of Feng Shui speak of the importance of plants in our home and, according to these rules, cacti ward off bad vibes or energies, that is, they can also be catalysts of good vibrations and influence your day in a very positive way. day to day while keeping bad energies away.

The meaning of cacti in Feng Shui is that of powerful plants capable of collecting energy very easily. This also occurs with other plants that have spines or pointed leaves. All of them absorb such an amount of energy that, if they are not placed in the right place, it can turn against you. Therefore, it is thought that these plants are bad luck, but it is not like that, you just have to learn where to place them to use them as a repellent of bad energy to maintain the balance of your home .

The benefits of cactus in the home are many, especially if we live surrounded by unbalancing sources. Its protective function can even extend to other areas such as work, hence it is normal that we see cactus in the office or office of many workers.

Next, we are going to explain where and how you should place your cacti so that they act as energy sources to use in your favor to create positive, pleasant and perfectly decorated environments.

Where NOT to place cacti according to Feng Shui

It is very important according to this philosophy and lifestyle to be clear about where these plants cannot be placed. Take note of where NOT to place the cacti according to Feng Shui :

In the bathroom

As with other plants, cacti should not be placed in the bathroom according to the rules of Feng Shui. In addition, it is too humid a place that does not favor its growth. The bathroom is usually a place where we are going to be calm, so plants with thorns can have a very negative influence on the environment in this area of ​​your home.

In the bedroom

Cacti and their thorns that absorb too much energy break the positive charge and can cause our rest to dull. They can even create negative effects on your dreams or create distance between the couple if it is placed in a couple or marriage room.

In the kitchen

They negatively influence the meals you prepare, since it weakens your attention span on the ingredients or preparation of the dishes while you are in it. In addition, the kitchen is usually an improvised meeting point for many families or gatherings, so the cacti can generate tense environments or favor the bad mood of the diners.

In the dining room

We also do not recommend using cacti as a decorative element during the meal. Unnecessary tensions or possible arguments can be generated during the time you are sitting at the table to eat or on the sofa resting. The trick of placing cacti well is that they always stay away from the places that you frequent a lot and that are a meeting point, for this reason, the dining room, which is the center of any family gathering or with guests, should not have cacti .

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Where to put cacti according to Feng Shui

In general, we can say that the best place to place your cacti is outside the house . They will help you keep bad energies away . However, you can also have them inside your home as long as they are kept away from the common and main areas.

The best place to place cacti at home according to Feng Shui is right diagonally from the front door of your house. You can also place it outside, at the entrance, in the same position to help thieves and malicious people.

If you place it in a common area because you don’t have much choice, make sure it is next to or under a window , since these parts of the house are areas where energy circulates a lot and, in this way, the cactus can repel the bad energies that try to enter through this area.

In addition, although many believe that having cactus in the office or office according to Feng Shui is a mistake, since it can scare potential clients, others point out that it helps to repel possible conflicts created by envy or power struggles or with competition get clients during the hours you stay in your job. Hence, many place it near the computer to reduce the emanation of electromagnetic fields from it and improve concentration during working hours. We recommend you learn about electromagnetic pollution with this other article.

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