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The best ecological inventions

ecological inventions

In recent years, the creation of objects and materials oriented to preserve the environment has been developed. These inventions are great strides, and some could become important green solutions, should they become popular. Ignorance, higher prices, the initial phase of these inventions and the consumer’s habit of acquiring what they already know have prevented them from being the first purchase option for individuals and companies. However, as an initiative, some are great works of art. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article to discover the best green inventions .

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  1. The seed cigarette or ecological cigarette
  2. Mobile phones with solar battery
  3. The bag that turns to oil
  4. Inventions that recharge with the sun
  5. Print with coffee
  6. Drinking water from the sea
  7. Wooden furniture made from old newspapers
  8. El Greenerator

The seed cigarette or ecological cigarette

Did you know that in the world there are 967 million people who smoke every day? Given this high figure, it is difficult to calculate the immense amount of cigarettes that are consumed in the world every day. Not only the smoke, but also the cigarette butt pollutes: it takes fifteen years to decompose. The seed cigar was recently created with the intention of giving an ecological sense to the bad habit of smoking. It is made with biodegradable filters inside which are wild flower seeds. Thus, this cigarette degrades in a few weeks and the flower that will germinate inside it will purify the air.

Mobile phones with solar battery

Mobile phones are items that almost everyone has and uses on a daily basis; therefore, they consume a lot of electrical energy globally – especially, with the use of Smartphones, which must be recharged practically every twenty-four hours. The initiative to integrate solar panels into mobiles is being carried out by the workers of the Fraunhofer Institute, who want to get them to work after only two hours of exposure to the sun. If it were to become popular, it would be a very beneficial measure, although, once again, we run into the difficulty of changing consumer habits, who usually charge their mobiles at night.

The bag that turns to oil

A Japanese company invented a machine that turns plastic bags into oil , which can later be used as fuel. For every kilo of plastic bags, it provides approximately one liter of oil. This device could reduce the problem of fuel pollution. The machine in question costs $ 10,000.

Inventions that recharge with the sun

Although we have talked about mobile phones, in reality any device that uses sunlight to function is an ecological invention . An example is the solar cooker, which allows you to cook and heat water while minimizing the use of gas or electricity. It is not ready for all uses and obviously cannot be used on cloudy days. However, it could be alternated with electric or gas, resulting in energy savings.

In addition, hikers can enjoy the photo-voltaic backpack , which allows you to recharge your phone, camera and other objects from an inexhaustible source of energy: the sun.
Solar panels are one of the great green inventions of all time. The first photovoltaic cell was already built in 1883.

Print with coffee

A Korean designer invented a printer that uses coffee waste instead of ink. This curious creation could avoid a lot of contamination to the earth and save on toxic pigments.

Drinking water from the sea

Although it is a Dutch university that has finally come up with the formula, objects have been manufactured for a long time that allow drinking water to be drunk from the sea . It is based on a solar distillation system that desalinates seawater and makes it drinkable. Desalination processes currently represent a great energy cost. With this invention on large scales the energy consumption would be reduced.

Wooden furniture made from old newspapers

Another of the most original and sustainable creations. A Dutch company developed a material that looks like wood , in terms of utility and appearance, and is constructed from used newspapers . He is called Kranthout.

El Greenerator

This invention is still in a very preliminary stage but it could be an incredible advance. What it does is take energy from the wind and the sun to supply the energy consumption that a home can use (it would run the washing machine, all the computers, the lights, etc.), achieving significant savings in electrical energy.

These are just a few examples of the latest environmentally friendly and sustainable inventions . In addition, there are great creations, more or less accepted, that are gaining strength. Such as the electric or hybrid vehicle, which proposes the elimination or reduction of the use of gasoline, or ecological plastic. The latter – called polylactic acid – does not come from petroleum and is biodegradable. Also the introduction of public bicycle systems in cities, which has made many people stop using the car, bio-pools, supermarkets without packaging or the ecological liquid transformer made from vegetable oils.

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