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Advantages of plug-in hybrid cars

Life demands more and more of us to move green and bet on a more sustainable and ecological future. For example, the automotive future passes through electrified cars, a reality that is increasingly within our grasp. Automotive technology keeps its evolution in line with respect for the environment and Smart mobility, which is already a reality in transport. Next, in AgroCorrn and with the help of Citroën and its new , we discover the advantages of plug-in hybrid cars or PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), vehicles that seek to improve the quality of driving, as well as the conservation enviroment. Discover everything that a PHEV car can offer you!

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Advantages of plug-in hybrid cars – the main ones

Intelligence, uniqueness, versatility, more sustainability, economy or savings are some of the concepts associated with plug-in hybrid cars. In addition, the main advantages of plug-in hybrid cars include the following:

More efficiency, lower consumption and savings

This is the formula that brings together the advantages of plug-in hybrid cars . Anyone who decides to invest in a plug-in hybrid vehicle is betting on efficiency and environmental maintenance as a result of low consumption and low emissions.

Although the initial investment to buy a plug-in hybrid car may be more expensive than other vehicles without this advanced technology, in the long run, plug-in hybrid cars are much cheaper if we make daily journeys that favor the use of the electric motor. In addition, depending on your place of residence, you can have more tax, use and mobility advantages. The other point to make your trips profitable is consumption. As a reference, the energy expenditure when we drive in 100% electric mode is much lower than diesel or gasoline, consuming € 1 per 100 km approximately, assuming a great price difference compared to traditional cars.

Greater versatility

A plug-in hybrid car offers greater versatility thanks to its versatility of use, making use of each of the two technologies depending on each situation. Therefore, you can adjust the consumption of one type or another according to the need you have. These cars are ideal for using their electric motor or battery in areas such as cities and for short distances, being able to change to the heat engine for long trips. Thus, plug-in hybrid cars offer us a more versatile option for intercity journeys with their heat engine (also adapted to strict emission regulations) , as well as the possibility of taking advantage of the electric motorto circulate in zero emission mode in areas where there is more population, such as urban centers.

Apart from the comfort of versatility, there is no noise or vibration when driving on a battery . Another great advantage of these cars, which can be noticed while driving and which provides great comfort, is that the change of the type of engine used is automatic , depending on the battery charge level. Of course, the driver can also change it on his own.

Less CO2 emissions

If plug-in hybrid vehicles or PHEVs are characterized by something, it is by their double motor, since they have an electric battery and a thermal engine. This combination allows these vehicles to be more respectful with the environment , by significantly reducing polluting emissions.

Therefore, if you need a car to move more independently but at the same time you want to help reduce emissions , PHEVs or plug-in hybrids that combine the electric battery with a heat engine can be a great choice.

Less noise pollution

Although we always talk about the emission of gases, it is important to note that plug-in hybrid cars or PHEVs can also contribute to improving noise pollution every time we use the electric motor. Efforts in comfort have resulted in an increasingly quiet interior.

In short, they are designed to improve the quality of life in large cities and other urban areas.

Label ZERO: access to city centers and tax advantages of plug-in hybrid cars

Currently, there are more restrictions on movement in some areas to lower pollution levels, especially when there is an alert for high levels according to the anti-pollution protocol in city centers , which are the busiest areas. As plug-in hybrid cars have the rating of the ZERO label or Environmental 0 Blue label , they are one of the vehicles that can continue to access these crowded areas because they are cleaner.

In addition, PHEVs have more tax advantages to save money with, which are signaled by their ZERO label rating . For example, it is easier to obtain discounts on tolls, more affordable insurance and advantages in parking areas, among other aspects.

Citroën’s new plug-in hybrid car: C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV

Citroën is one of the brands most committed to efficiency and sustainability. Therefore, it has launched the market its technology flagship, the new SUV Aircross C5 Hybrid , the SUV class E-Comfort . With this launch, Citroën is committed to laying the first stone to ensure that by 2025 the entire range of offerings will be 100% electrified, a sign of the brand’s commitment to responsible energy transition .

But how is this new C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV presented? This new electrified or plug-in hybrid vehicle offers you a total experience of comfort, with all the appeal of a unique, modern and high-tech SUV that undoubtedly goes one step further within the Citroën Advanced Comfort program. This car symbolizes the highly versatile offer for those who want to take advantage of the best of these two energies: the advantages of the 100% electric ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode for short distances (an average of 50 km of autonomy) and the thermal engine over long distances.

The C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV offers you great versatility of use thanks to extended mobility. You will drive with great pleasure in electric mode, with an average range of 50 km , with which you can adapt your daily journeys reducing stress and freely accessing urban areas restricted by the anti-pollution protocol. In case of traveling long distances, the thermal mode will be activated to improve savings. No annoying noises, no vibrations, with all the comfort and fluidity of an electric hybrid, that’s what a bumpy ride will be like in the C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV.

The new C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV is Citroën’s first plug-in hybrid model and from its launch it is expected that all new models launched by the brand will have an electric offer. This new Citroën SUV meets the expectations of all those who are committed to intelligent mobility through green, sustainable and electrified driving.

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