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The environmental technology is to use advances in technology for improving the environment through less pollution and greater sustainability. All this may imply important advances in the future to halt the deterioration of the ozone layer and prevent climate change from being so abrupt and accelerated.

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More and more companies are eco-friendly

Many pioneering technology companies are in charge of carrying out these practices that are so healthy for our planet thanks to the fact that they allocate a large part of their R&D resources to these causes. Sony Toshiba, Samsung or Philips are good examples of this.

Either as a business strategy or to do the planet good, these companies create so  called eco-friendly products , those that do not harm our environment and can even save us energy. Examples of these advances in technology are biodegradable housings, solar-powered devices, glucose-powered batteries, or OLED displays.

It is expected that in the future more and more companies will be interested in offering a wide range of products based on ecotechnology. The dominance of these products in the market is imminent and perhaps a good part of the fault lies with consumers, since there is a growing awareness of everything that has to do with our environment.

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