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When was the bicycle invented?

There seems to be a boom in the use of bicycles as a means of transport in large cities. Even in some poorly prepared for this ecological means of transport, such as Madrid. Citizens demand a more sustainable form of mobility that does not pollute. But the bicycle has a long history, which has gone through different stages, in some of which it was an essential object for the development of communities.The bicycle is a simple device: basically, it consists of two wheels arranged in a line and a pedal system so that people can transmit the propulsion force. In addition, a handlebar to steer the bike and a saddle to sit on. The first model of transmission through a chain (the modern bicycle) was invented in 1885, but when was the bicycle invented?? When were the first attempts born? Next, in this AgroCorrn article, we will explain everything to you.

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  1. Who invented the bicycle and in what year
  2. Evolution of the bicycle and its perfection
  3. The birth of the modern bicycle

Who invented the bicycle and in what year

But up to that first modern model, the design went through several phases. The first bicycle, made of wood, was called draisina after the name of the person who created the first bicycle , specifically it was invented by Karl Drais in 1817 . So how old is the bike? Well, if we count from the first model that was invented, currently the bicycle is more than 200 years old or, what is the same, more than two centuries. And where was the bicycle invented? It was in Germany, where Karl Drais was born, lived and died.

However, we must bear in mind that it was not the same as the bicycles we know now, nor did it even resemble the intermediate models that existed between that first and the current ones. In fact, the first bike had no pedals and had to be pushed with your feet on the ground.

It was a Scottish blacksmith named Kirkpatrick Macmillan who created the first two-wheeled pedal machine in 1839. However, this rudimentary bicycle did not yet have a belt drive.

Evolution of the bicycle and its perfection

In 1861 , the Frenchman Ernest Michaux came up with an original improvement: placing the pedals on the front wheel . It didn’t succeed because a lot of balance was needed to handle it, but the idea of ​​the pedals attached to the wheel paved the way for us to get to the bike as we use it today. To solve the problem of imbalance, in 1873 , an English inventor named James Starley proposed a machine with the front wheel much larger than the rear. In January 1887, the American Thomas Stevens began the first bicycle trip around the world. He left San Francisco and would not arrive until three years later, certainly quite an adventure.

The birth of the modern bicycle

Finally, in 1885 , the Safety Bicycle appeared , invented by John Kemp Starley. It had brakes, it allowed a more natural posture and the rider was closer to the ground, so falls were not so dangerous. Then the inner tube wheels and the drive chain connected to the rear wheel were added. It is the modern bicycle .

The bicycle served both the country and the city. It was a cheap means of transport accessible to anyone. It can also be fixed with a little mechanical knowledge. In northern Europe, it has never stopped being used: countries such as Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, some areas of Poland and the Scandinavian countries, and despite the cold and bad weather conditions, they have always been countries that defend this means of transport. . Also in China and India it has been the main means of transport for years.

Currently, we can not only find bicycles in more modern shapes and better adapted to speed and different terrains, but there are also bicycles with solar panels or electric bicycles . Discover in this other AgroCorrn article these 15 rare bicycles .

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