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The future of ecology

The future of ecology is in our hands, it depends on us that the planet is not completely destroyed within a good handful of years . In the last decades it has suffered a lot because of the industrial practices of the human being, as well as because of the bad habits of each one of us. While it is true that we must take measures that affect the whole, no less certain is that each of us must contribute their granite of sand so that things start to get better.

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The future

If we can make the future better, we will ensure that plants and animals do not go into trouble. But not only that, we will also be contributing to improve our health, so diminished by carbon dioxide emissions . In short, it is about guaranteeing the continuity of the human species, something that is increasingly in question, and not because Nostradamus said that the world was going to end in 2012.

The changes go through a better use of natural resources , many of them limited. All this accompanied by business models that are sustainable, which does not mean that only ecological actions are carried out for the gallery. Corporate social responsibility is fine, but it must not only be demonstrated from the outside, but also from the inside on a daily basis.

The future is uncertain, nobody knows what lies ahead. However, we can make some predictions that surely won’t go too far:

  • Drinking water will become increasingly scarce, which will become a very serious problem (at the moment it is already so in some African countries)
  • Decontamination technologies will get cheaper and cheaper
  • Significant international migration is expected, logically with movements from southern countries to northern countries
  • The world will be totally urban, all peoples will become extinct
  • The land that right now belongs to nature will be eaten by humans to build houses and other buildings

As I said before, whether all this is solved depends not only on politicians , but also on businessmen and people who make our world a little better or worse every day, that depends on each one.

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