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Innovations in green technologies

Innovations in green technologies

In 2010 some ecological technologies were developed that are committed to greater respect for the environment. It is the way to make this planet a more livable place and bequeath a better world to future generations. For this reason, it is necessary to continue betting on the research and development of new technologies.


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Here are some of the most important innovations in the field of ecology and the environment:

  • In September, the world’s largest offshore wind farm began operating off the coast of Kent, United Kingdom. There are one hundred wind turbines of 115 meters high each that generate 300 MW of power, an amount that can cover the energy demand of 200,000 homes.
  • It is not the only innovation when it comes to wind power. New designs are being sought to make wind turbines stronger and more efficient. One of these new designs is a huge turbine with the blades positioned horizontally instead of vertically (as can be seen in the image) and that can generate 10 MW of electrical power.
  • There are already several brands that offer electric cars with enough power and autonomy for daily use. To this we must add that some large cities are installing electricity pumps so that this type of car can refuel.
  • As electric cars go into mass commercialization, we began to glimpse the future of what passenger air travel can be: the Solar Impulse aircraft completed a solar powered round-the-world tour.
  • Also maritime transport wants to take advantage of solar energy to move ships. The Türanor is the largest solar powered catamaran in the world.
  • Regarding ecological construction, a skyscraper built in London can be highlighted that has three huge turbines on top of the building capable of generating a tenth of the electricity that the building needs.

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