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Ecological products: what they are and examples

Ecological products

Fortunately, public interest in organic products is growing. More and more people are choosing to consume these kinds of products. In fact, it is estimated that in certain regions of Spain, 7 out of 10 citizens consume organic food, that is, 70 percent of the population.

Have you ever preferred to buy an organic product instead of a traditional one? Have you ever eaten organic food? Possibly after reading this AgroCorrn article you will start choosing them, since we will tell you everything you need to know about what ecological products are and examples . We will also develop your benefits and talk about how to identify them.

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What are organic products

Ecological products are defined as those that do not use harmful chemicals in their manufacturing process , such as herbicides, pesticides, artificial fertilizers and other substances, and their production is also characterized by being traditional and sustainable .

This can invite us to think that organic products are just food. The truth is that the term green products can be extended to cleaning products, cosmetics, personal hygiene products and much more.

Benefits of organic products

If you wonder why buy organic products , here we will show you some of their benefits that will undoubtedly motivate you to consume them.

They’re healthy

Both organic food and other organic products are healthier because they do not contain chemicals that can be harmful to people’s health and also to the planet.

Another point in favor is that, in the case of organic foods, they are more tasty and nutritional since their production is not forced and their harvest time and growth period are respected. In addition, organic food goes through a strict quality control that, precisely, allows guaranteeing its organic origin and knowing its traceability.

They are friendly to the environment

Under the fact that no chemicals are used, eco-friendly products prevent soil and water contamination. Also, since it is a sustainable production, the conservation of natural resources and their rational use are sought. To fulfill this purpose, natural production techniques and rhythms are used and the surrounding biodiversity is respected, among other aspects. In addition, we cannot fail to mention that organic products are respectful of animal welfare.

Finally, they are usually packaged with reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Also, many of them are purchased in bulk. This reduces the generation of waste, especially single-use plastics.

They promote social development

In general, ecological products are products made in a traditional way, with less use of machinery and more human labor, which translates into job creation. Therefore, by consuming them you will be promoting the inclusion of people in the workplace and, consequently, in the local economy.

Examples of organic products

Fortunately, there are more and more organic product stores or also called eco-stores, which facilitate the reach of these products to the general public. Next we will tell you some examples of ecological products that you can find in these stores.

Organic food

Ecological, biological or organic foods refer to the same thing: chemical-free foods. There is a great variety of this type of food, from fruits and vegetables to cheeses, meats and wines. Here we tell you more about what are organic foods .

Ecological personal hygiene products

Here we can find a wide range of products. Solid conditioning creams and shampoos are a good place to start. There are also toothpastes , soaps and deodorants made under the philosophy of organic products. Another example is bamboo toothbrushes that after finishing their cycle are composted, thus reducing the generation of waste.

Ecological makeup products

The organic makeup or natural cosmetic products are based on the development of chemical – free products such as petroleum, parabens and heavy metals. Its production is purely with natural products. Some examples are: nail polishes, face and body masks, shadows, concealers and more.

Ecological cleaning products

Traditional cleaning products have various chemicals that, once discarded, end up in rivers, oceans and other bodies of water. Ecological cleaning products are an effective alternative to avoid water contamination. Among them we can mention, products for cleaning floors, glass and carpets and also ecological detergents.

How to know if a product is ecological

So how do we find out that a product is eco-friendly? The best way is to check that the product presents some certification that guarantees its ecological origin . To do this, first of all, it will be necessary to find out which are the public and / or private bodies that certify and regulate this type of products in our country or region and, from there, look for their respective product certifications. For example, this is the stamp that is in the European Union.

Here you can learn more about How to know that a product is ecological .

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