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Three models of water bike

Is it possible to pedal on water? Water bikes make it possible. They are practical, fun and surprising, but if we want to pedal on water without having to rent the typical pedal or pedal scooter, they are a great alternative. Crazy idea or revolutionary invention? Often times, the two coincide, and in this case the madness can end up being the beginning of a new type of bike and also of a next boom of accessories that allow pedaling in the water with a normal bicycle.

They are water bikes, a common concept with very different variations. And, of course, there are also those who dare with everything and do it at home. Among these new bikes marketed or designed as prototypes that aspire to this, at AgroCorrn we have chosen three models of water bikes that are among the most popular on the net, the BayCycle, a practical accessory applicable to any bike, the spectacular Schiller bike and Third, the Aquaskipper, a curious invention that is as practical for moving on water as it is for fun and exercise.

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BayCycle, a removable device

The BayCycle is a floating accessory capable of converting any bike into a floating bike in just a few minutes, allowing you to advance in any calm water course.

Its creator, Judah Schiller, set out to cross the San Francisco Bay on two wheels, without using his famous Bay Bridge, since its bike path is not complete. Neither short nor lazy, he commissioned a craftsman a series of devices to adapt his bike.

Finally, it was easier than it seemed, it took about 15 minutes to assemble and could be carried in a backpack. It was enough with a couple of inflatable supports , a small propeller and, to fix the bike, a small stainless steel structure.

The trick is none other than to achieve buoyancy and generate propulsion in the water while maintaining the direction, for which the front wheel rotates where it interests thanks to a small rudder. The success he obtained led him to start a project of the same name.

The Schiller water bike

The Schiller X1 water bike is a very advanced model, perhaps the most advanced in the world. It is designed entirely for water, so it is not an all-terrain, like the previous one.

In return, this bicycle made in the USA that can be purchased for 4,500 euros is designed not to end up being a junk. Thinking of functionality, it is foldable and fits anywhere, it is easy to assemble and transport.

Of course, it is not discreet, but hardly a water bike is going to be, and its strong point is its robust design, ideal for riding the bike in the open sea (it has gears and a double helix design), as long as the sea is in relative calm, logically.

Aquaskipper, sailing and surfing

The Aquaskipper is synonymous with fun and adrenaline. In addition to having coordination, the promoters in Spain of this Chinese invention recommend it if you like “taking your body to the limit, releasing that adrenaline and that happiness of sailing above the sea fighting at many times the great force of the tide”, José Antonio López and Manuel Férnández explain.

People between 35 and 120 kg can be climbed thanks to its adaptability to different body masses. Its price is around 400 euros, which includes an initiation course, although the mechanism is very simple: when the force of its own weight jumps “it compresses the fiberglass base and the sheet that goes down is pushed back to generate propulsion “, they conclude.

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