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Ecocapsule, a mini mobile and self-sufficient house

The Ecocapsule is a little house with a futuristic design , an oval-shaped micro home, made with ecological materials by Nice Architects, a Slovak company that has designed it so that it can be moved to any part of the world.

Its size does not allow to speak of a family home, but rather a one-person house, and its energy self-sufficiency is obtained thanks to solar panels installed on the roof and a small windmill.

  1. Self-sufficient housing
  2. Mini housing
  3. A nomadic life, or not …
  4. The future

Self-sufficient housing

The solar panel has dimensions of 2.6 square meters and the wind turbine is 750 W. Interestingly, it can be hidden thanks to a retractable base.

Both the collection of solar and wind energy is carried out by installing integrated batteries that allow its use during the night as well.

In addition to solar and wind energy, the Ecocapsule collects rainwater. It picks up when it falls on it (the egg shape helps to do so), without the need for barrels or the like.

Once captured, the system filters it to finally store it in its lower part, leaving it ready for consumption, offering drinking water.

Mini housing

The Ecocapsule is so small, -measures 4.5 meters long by 2.4 meters wide and 2.5 meters high-, that it is hard to believe that it has everything necessary to lead a normal life.

It does not lack its window, its bed, kitchen or bathroom, which includes a toilet with a composting system and a shower, which we can find with rainwater at the ideal temperature, very warm thanks to the energy they generate solar panels and wind turbines .

A nomadic life, or not …

The Ecocapsule is an ideal portable refuge to lead a nomadic life around the world or, why not, if you prefer, allows its permanent location wherever we want.

Its size allows it to be placed almost anywhere, from the roof of a farm or on the roof of a house to that wonderful place, surrounded by nature, where it would be inconceivable to build a conventional house.

As an anti-crisis house, it could also play a great role, both for its permanent location in the place of residence and for having geographical mobility if a job opportunity arises in other parts.

Moving it will not be as easy as putting it on the cow of the car, but moving 1,500 kilograms is not that difficult either. In this regard, yes, it can be moved as a trailer and even used as a charging point for an electric car.

That is, your move could be very economical and also lighten your carbon footprint. Once located anywhere, it can also power a bike or electric car, helping to sustain mobility and generally lead a more environmentally friendly life.

The future

With dreams, which is what this invention invites us to, it would be great to place the Ecocapsule on the seashore, next to a lake, in a wild landscape that inspires us or, for example, in a green and flowery meadow.

Choosing where and for what is perhaps its main charm , and it is that the designers assure that it can be used as a home, office, resting place and refuge anywhere in the world, as long as a safe location is chosen.

Its price will be known shortly, when it begins to be marketed , although like any innovation and design product, bargain prices cannot be expected. Anyway, its creators claim that it will be “competitive.” And, in any case, compared to a conventional house, the price can be interesting. It will be released in 2015.

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