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Decorate gardens with recycled materials

The good weather and the sun will make you want to decorate your garden in a way that is great to be able to enjoy it on cool summer nights or on beautiful spring days. You still prefer to go to a store to buy comfortable furniture but it is also good to have a somewhat more ecological thought to decorate your garden with recycled materials. Do you dare to put your mind to it?

If you want to know how to decorate gardens with recycled materials , keep reading this AgroCorrn article.

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  1. Why use recycled materials
  2. Recycled pots
  3. Wooden or plastic boxes
  4. Recycled seats
  5. Ideas with pallets

Why use recycled materials

Doing so will contribute to a benefit not only community but also environmental , since our planet earth needs us and that culture of buying and throwing is already beginning to become outdated. What is most popular today is learning to give materials more life to make them more durable and to continue providing us with a good service without the need to replace them with others.

In addition, recycling will help you to feel proud of your decorations because you can make them yourself and thus you will also avoid spending more money than the account. Get to renew your garden in a unique and wonderful way by learning to reuse your old objects instead of throwing them away.

Recycled pots

You don’t need to buy expensive pots for your plants, because you can get them made yourself and in all the sizes you need. For example you can create a nice planter with an old tire , how? Painting it is a way to start and then with a little dirt the result will come alone.

Another great idea with tires is that if you don’t want to paint them, you can take a couple or three and simply clean them , hang them on a wall outside in a beautiful composition … put your plant inside and you will have a spectacular result!

You can do the same with other materials such as: old wellies, cans, glass jars, drawers from old cabinets, glass or plastic bottles … a little imagination and you will have your precious recycled pots!

Wooden or plastic boxes

The wooden boxes or plastic are also a great solution recycling. We personally like them more stacked, since you can store much more things and everything well organized gives it a very personal touch.

In addition, you can show your natural products if you decide to create your own organic garden.

Recycled seats

Old tires can also help you get nice beanbags and it is also very simple because you will only need some suitable outdoor fabric and cover it with some filling that makes it comfortable.

Pallets can also help you create comfortable seats since you can make comfortable beanbags with a custom cushion and even sofas.

Ideas with pallets

In addition to making seats with the pallets , these pieces of wood can provide us with a multitude of services. You can make panels for your recycled pots to have your garden upright and hang them there.

You can also make a great garden table by adding a custom-made glass or simply adding a piece of wood for support and a tablecloth on top.

And how about creating a comfortable bed or lounger for your exterior? Would be great! Always remember that you have to adapt the wood by sanding the pallet , painting it and varnishing it before using it so that it looks much better aesthetically. And in the case of loungers, beds or seats, it is important that you put custom cushions or several cushions to have a greater feeling of comfort.

What do you think of all these ideas to decorate your garden with recycled furniture? Surely after reading these lines you will already be beginning to think about how to renovate your garden without spending a lot of money and doing it yourself. Go ahead!

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