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Ideas to decorate interior patios

An interior patio can have two faces: be full of life and be able to enjoy it as one more room in the house or quite the opposite, that it is a lifeless space without being used at all. Which do you prefer? A patio of a house must be well cared for and make the most of it to be able to enjoy it and this space that can look great if it is decorated with care and a lot of affection.

And it is that a patio can give a lot of itself since it has endless possibilities to transform it and go from being a simple patio to much more and to be able to become a space of comfort and enjoyment for the family. In addition, when the good weather arrives it is the ideal time to make this change since the stores will begin to offer you furniture and accessories. Do you dare to give that change in your patio and enjoy the outdoors? If so, keep reading this AgroCorrn article in which we give you ideas for decorating interior patios .

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  1. Take everything into account to decorate your interior patio
  2. Small interior patios
  3. Choose the style of your interior patio

Take everything into account to decorate your interior patio

When you start to decorate your interior patio, you must first take into account something that is a priority: your needs and those of your family. I mean, what are you going to use the patio for? To rest and have a drink with friends? To enjoy the fresh air? For children to play? For a little bit of everything? Based on these and other answers, you should think about how to approach the decoration of your patio.

After knowing what the function of your patio will be, you should think about everything else, that is, the colors you want to predominate, the textures, the lighting and also the accessories that can be useful.

You will also have to keep in mind what are the measurements that you have in your interior patio because only in this way will you be able to know exactly the space you have to be able to place furniture or the accessories you need. Before buying or starting to decorate, draw on a piece of paper how you would like it to look (with all the details: furniture, plants for patios , distribution of spaces, etc). If after doing it you like what you see, then … start creating a new patio!

Small interior patios

If your patio is small, this should not be a problem for its decoration, since you will simply have to take advantage of the space you have with the best options and, of course, without overloading the environment. For this type of patios, plants in low and wide pots or hanging plants on wires or on the wall are ideal . Plants with deep green and flowers with colors that survive well in areas with more shade than in sunlight are the best options.

If you have antique furniture that can go well outdoors, don’t hesitate to reuse it and use it as a vintage decorative touch in your patio that will undoubtedly give it its own personality.

Choose the style of your interior patio

A patio can have the style that you want but the most important is that it have your own style and decorate it in such a way that you feel good when you are spending your free time in it. Of course, you can opt for a more relaxing one like Chill Out to make the most of the space with the minimalism that corresponds to it. The tropical wood floors and white sofas with colored cushions and light walls will be great to enjoy your patio for relaxation.

Another style that goes very well for patios is to opt for the rustic style , so that it does not cost you too much you can recycle old dining room furniture that you no longer use and restore it to make it look great for your interior patio. With earthy and yellow colors in the decoration it will be great.

Remember that the plants in an interior patio are very important because they are in charge of filling it with life, so do not hesitate to decorate with them, but without overloading the environment too much.

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