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Ideas for small gardens

If your house or home is small, you may not have much space in the garden or you may not have it, since in cities few buildings have garden areas, but in any case here, in AgroCorrn, we will give you ideas for gardens little ones.


How to take advantage of the space of a small garden

The first thing you should know to get the most out of a small garden is to opt for planting in pots . It is without a doubt the most practical because you can move them whenever you want and they do not require so much care. In addition to being a decorative factor because they can be painted, you will ensure that the plant does not grow too much and you can easily move it to change the design of the garden in a few steps.

ideas for decorating a small garden

There are also some tricks to create visually larger outdoor spaces so that your garden will appear more spacious , you can choose to give it depth using the same color combination as the environment so that it is more integrated.

The use of mirrors is a technique that always works, buying functional furniture that allows us to organize the space in different areas and objects with diagonal or curved lines.

Remember that the important thing is not the square meters, obviously it influences, but what is undoubtedly interesting is that it looks beautiful and cared for. And it all depends on you!

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