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Original ideas to fence the garden

Fencing your garden is an excellent way to have privacy outside your home and thus avoid prying eyes in your home. There are many houses that when bought by the buyers are not properly fenced and it can cause some other privacy problem. For this reason it is so important to know how to do it correctly, and what better way than with original ideas?

To choose the way to fence your garden you will have to take into account not only your style and your personality but also your budget and the fence can cost you a lot of money if you do not take into account more profitable options.

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  1. Evergreen shrubs
  2. Traditional fence
  3. Closed wooden fence
  4. Stone or brick wall
  5. Decorative wooden fences
  6. Fence fence

Evergreen shrubs

You can surround your garden with beautiful perennial shrubs since it is an ecological option and also very attractive because the intense green color of these bushes will make it look totally beautiful.

But if you choose this form of fence your garden you should bear in mind that patience will be your best ally since it takes a long time to grow and you will need to take specific care so that the hedge of shrubs is always always even.

Traditional fence

The traditional fence has always seemed like an elegant idea to fence a garden because it will look great as well as giving it a unique character. The most traditional ones are in natural wood color or white, but depending on how your house and garden are, I advise you to add a touch of color. Although your garden will look a bit from the outside, this fence does not need maintenance.

Closed wooden fence

With this type of fence you get much more privacy than with the traditional fence since you do not see anything unless you look over it. It is a good option for those who love their privacy because thanks to the woods coupled with each other, your garden will not be seen and it also requires little maintenance.

Stone or brick wall

This way of fencing the garden is also suitable because it will keep your privacy intact. As for the stone wall, it seems to me a rustic idea that will look great and although it is usually quite expensive (depending on the stone) it will last almost forever. The only maintenance that you have to take into account is that moss usually grows in humid areas, so it is advisable that you remove them and keep it clean of impurities.

There is also the option of using brick as a fence, something expensive but it is also a good investment because it will last forever. It will also look fantastic both with the orange color of the brick and if you prefer to paint it.

Decorative wooden fences

Decorative wooden fences also seem to me to be an excellent option to fence the garden since it gives it a very colorful touch and in addition to choosing the size (height) you prefer, you can paint it according to your tastes and personality.

Fence fence

To be honest, the fence has always seemed spectacular to me because there are very beautiful ways to fence the garden with this type of material. Some bars look like a whole structure built by a sophisticated designer, and although it is not economical at all, it is a very strong and durable material.

Of course, you will have to take into account painting it often and keep it careful to prevent it from rusting, since if this happens it will spoil. You can always plant bushes or plants behind so that nothing is visible and you can have total privacy.

Which of these ideas do you like the most? Is there a different one that you like more than these that I mention in this article?

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