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5 ideas to protect your garden from prying eyes

The arrival of good weather encourages us to enjoy more and better in the air free , and our gardens, terraces or balconies are the most immediate natural environment. Enjoying them, however, is not always easy when we are exposed to prying eyes.

The feeling of tranquility and relaxation that comes with this enjoyment of the garden , in effect, seems to evaporate as if by magic when we feel observed. Even without knowing if someone does it, so much is given to break that dream peace. In this post we are going to give some ideas to have that much-needed privacy.

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  1. Natural reed spacers
  2. Sheet panels, wood or pvc trellis
  3. Install a gazebo
  4. Vertical gardens or artificial hedges
  5. Fabric shades or awnings

Natural reed spacers

Protecting yourself from the gaze does not have to spoil the garden, or even add an artificial element that subtracts the feeling of nature. If we want natural elements, we can use bamboo poles or other natural materials to make the separation easily.

In addition, we will be able to protect ourselves from the wind. Their price is usually affordable and they are sold in the form of rolls for strategic placement, right where we want to preserve privacy. Or why not, skirting the entire perimeter.

Its size is usually around 1.80 in height and the length will depend on the dimensions of the roll that we acquire, which are generally 5 meters or more. Although cheap , they tend to break easily, so durability is not their strong suit and, finally, when choosing them, we must take into account whether they are more or less dense.

Sheet panels, wood or pvc trellis

The panels of different materials are a common element of concealment . In the market we will find a wide variety of lattices, with designs of different types, from which to choose for aesthetic reasons and / or for the privacy they provide.

The adjustable slat panels are an interesting option, although they are not very economical . When we close it, we will have a conventional wooden panel, and by opening the sheets more or less we will let the air and the sun pass through, with which we will have discretion when we want, without giving up the views or the feeling of nature that the spaces provide. open.

Install a gazebo

If the garden is in full view of neighbors and passersby but simply want to create a little space of privacy , install a gazebo can be a very effective practical solution.

With the advantage of being able to draw the side curtains only when we want it, enjoying a fresh interior thanks to mosquito net curtains, although we would be interested in a gazebo with thick curtains for the colder months.

Vertical gardens or artificial hedges

Vertical gardens are a fantastic resource to create a wall of nature that brings green to our garden while protecting us from gazes. For its realization we can take advantage of the walls or walls and even the fences that border the garden.

Unless we are experts in this type of garden or, at least, have a certain experience, achieving a vertical garden of certain dimensions, with such greenery that it manages to create a separation from the outside is a medium or long-term task.

Its necessary maintenance can be a disadvantage when opting for this option, although it has many advantages, such as the beautiful result, the creative possibilities and the choice of height practically à la carte.

As an alternative without maintenance there are artificial hedges , whose height may be somewhat short, unless we place one on top of the other, then reaching 2 meters without problem. Its placement is simple, more or less the same as required by the aforementioned rods, but in this case its appearance is not natural.

Fabric shades or awnings

Avoiding prying eyes from above is also possible by installing fabric shades that will also protect us from the sun and can be very useful for some types of plants. Its appearance is similar to that of candles placed horizontally and during winter it is important to remove them, as bad weather tends to deteriorate them.

Awnings and simple umbrellas also do this double function. They protect privacy and stop the sun’s rays at peak times, making it more desirable to enjoy the garden for longer each day. The choice of one or the other options will ultimately depend on the needs and tastes of each one, without forgetting the budget.

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