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How to make your pots look expensive

If you like gardening, it is very likely that you have pots at home or in your garden . Whether you have the pots inside your home as decoration along with beautiful plants and flowers or if you have them in your garden adorning the outside of your home, we cannot deny that many pots are anything but beautiful. There are pots that are totally brown in color and do not add any glamor to your interior or exterior decoration.

In this sense, you should not worry because you do not need to spend too much money on buying elegant pots made of expensive materials . Today I want to explain some simple and inexpensive ways to make your pots look expensive and also, you can enjoy their great beauty. You will only need easy-to-find materials and some time so that with your hands, you can create wonderful pots, which will house your plants and flowers.

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  1. With paint or spray
  2. With cloth
  3. With old plaster
  4. Pastel paints
  5. With chalkboard paint

With paint or spray

If you add shine to your basic plant pots, you will be able to achieve in a few minutes how a simple can of paint can turn your pot into something totally new. I advise you to use paint or spray in gold color because it will adhere well to the texture of the pot and it will be very elegant.

The brightness of the roo will make your pot look much better and also, you will be able to enjoy some of the most attractive pots. If you think that only with the gold color they look too boring, then do not hesitate to add some freehand shapes with a brush and white, silver or black paint, it will be spectacular!

With cloth

If you have fabrics at home that do not work for you or you can get scraps of some old clothing, then you will have the material you need to dress your pots and make them look incredible, they will be unique in the whole world! You can choose a fabric that you like the pattern and add it with glue to your pot or staple it with staples for decoration.

It’s a quick and easy way to give your pots a makeover and make them look much more modern. This technique is ideal especially for the pots that are inside the homes since if you have them outside and it rains, the fabric could be damaged and it will not be as good as when you put it for the first time.

With old plaster

You can forget about the modern etiquette and try to find an old but captivating design. It is about creating terracotta pots that look like pots taken from ancient times. With a plaster treatment and a little paint you can add an artistic touch to imitate an old flowerpot version. Surely if you search the Internet for old flower pots you will find models to inspire you.

Pastel paints

The pots in pastel colors will add a soft and very elegant decoration to your home. In addition, this color is ideal for sunny days or summer days because just looking at it will make you feel much better. These soft and very feminine colors are ideal to use both inside and outside your home.

The pots painted with pastel colors will look great anywhere you want to put them. Choose the pastel shades that you like the most and you can have elegant pots that will seem more expensive than they have actually been for you.

With chalkboard paint

Blackboard paint is undoubtedly an ideal paint for painting flowerpots, there are many colors available – not only is the dark one. So you can write, paint or draw whatever you want in your pots.

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