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Typical Christmas flowers and plants

The month of December is approaching and with it our desire to infect everything that surrounds us with the magic of Christmas. If you have already started thinking about the meals you will make and how you will decorate your home, don’t wait any longer to find out about the most traditional plants for these dates.

Sure you know more than one, but … Would you be able to mention several of them? So that you can test your knowledge and start choosing the specimens that will decorate your home during these dates, in AgroCorrn we show you which are the main typical Christmas flowers and plants .

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List of the most typical Christmas flowers and plants

Besides being very decorative, most of these plants have a special meaning that represents peace, love or prosperity. Learn about the typical Christmas flowers and plants below :

  • Holly: it is a dioecious shrub with female and male specimens, although the most popular version is the former … It is characteristic for its leaves with strongly spiny edges and pink fruits in the center that are even marketed separately from the plant as an element. decorative. In both Christianity and Islam, this plant is related to good fortune.
  • Poinsettia or Easter Flower: this plant with huge red flowers is a gift especially during the month of December and has become a representative of the Christmas holidays. It is said that
  • Mistletoe: depending on the country, this very famous plant is known as an example of good luck that must be preserved throughout the year and also by the tradition of placing it on a door under which we will have to kiss our partner.
  • Fir: there is no Christmas worth its salt without a good fir tree decorated with all kinds of balls, ornaments and colored tinsel. If you are against cutting down trees for these purposes, you can get an artificial one or buy from responsible companies that cut down in areas destined for special cultivation for this celebration and that after the holidays offer replanting.

The moss, the Galzerán or the Christmas Rose are also some other typical examples of these celebrations.

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