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The best houseplants for country houses

If you have a country house or you like to have your home decorated in a rustic style , you should know that one of the things that should not be missing in decoration are indoor plants, which will give life, color and joy to a space that, at times, they may seem a bit dull or sad.

Houses decorated in a rustic style require plants to enhance the warmth and influence of nature in their interiors. There are many plants that could decorate the interior of rustic houses, especially those that have bright green leaves. Of course, not all plants will give your home that touch that the most rustic spaces need. Therefore, below we are going to talk about the most recommended indoor plants for this style.

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  1. Flamingo flower
  2. romelias
  3. philodendras
  4. Hibiscos

Flamingo flower

One of the best houseplants for country houses is the flamingo flower. Originally from Colombia, it is an evergreen plant that grows in tropical climates. It is brightly colored and provides a natural feel highly recommended for rustic homes.


Bromeliads are also highly recommended for this type of space. They usually have large flowers and do not need great care to survive. That, yes, be careful because there are different varieties, so not all will resist the same climate.


Philodendrons are plants from hot climates , although they are very resistant, adapting to being transplanted into pots. Also, they have leaves all the time.


Finally, we are going to tell you about hibiscus, whose leaves can be kept even in colder climates. Of course, if you decide to plant them in the garden, they can grow too large, so it is a good idea to plant them in pots to control their size and take them inside to decorate different rooms.

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