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Tips for a good maintenance of your pond

The maintenance of a pond (with fish) say it is more difficult than building it. If you already have a pond installed in your garden and you want to enjoy its benefits, you will have to work hard to achieve it, but you can have a spectacular pond. You will have to start taking care of your pond immediately after construction and there are many factors that can affect your garden and that the water is in poor condition.

Do not miss the following tips because they will come in handy to have a spectacular garden with a beautiful pond.

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  1. Maintain a good water level in the pond
  2. Maintain a proper temperature
  3. Aerate the water
  4. Don’t alter the chemistry of the water
  5. Clean the water regularly
  6. Fishpond

Maintain a good water level in the pond

You need to keep the water level in the pond constant because in summer it can decrease and if you have fish they will lack the oxygen they need to live. For this you will have to fill the water level and avoid doing it with tap water as it favors the growth of algae.

You can use a garden hose to put more water and do it once a week, although you can also incorporate a filling valve.

Maintain a proper temperature

During the winter season ice can form on the surface of the water due to low temperatures. Use a water heating system to be able to create a good temperature during the colder months.

On the other hand, in the summer , the water can get too hot, which can be harmful to your fish. In this sense, it will be necessary to control the temperature with cold water.

Aerate the water

In order to aerate and oxygenate the water, you can introduce aquatic plants to improve oxygen levels. You can also use waterfalls or fountains. Another idea is to use an air pump to maximize the aeration of the water in summer. Fish need a lot of oxygen in summer to be able to survive and with the heat it can decrease.

Don’t alter the chemistry of the water

There are many things that can alter the chemistry of the water . Tap water can contain chlorine and other chemicals, which can cause algae. The decomposing remains of some plants can release harmful elements into the water, so you will have to check the chemistry of the water to detect possible changes.

Also, some chemicals can kill fish or bacteria in the water. For this reason you will have to use alkaline and detoxifying solutions to control acidic and toxic conditions respectively. You will also have to keep your pond clean to avoid waste build-up and maintain good water quality.

Clean the water regularly

Over time, dirt and debris can build up in the water The leaves will be a problem for your pond as they can release toxic gases when they are decomposing and therefore could destroy the organic balance. You will need to use a net to catch all the leaves and other debris that may fall into your pond.

You will also have to clean your pond with an aquatic vacuum cleaner to be able to remove all the sludge from the bottom of the pond. Although you can leave some mud to increase the growth of algae if you wish.

Although if you want to do a thorough cleaning you will have to drain the water using a pump. Make sure your fish and plants are in another safe water tank and clean all the bottom, liner and materials with a brush and water. After cleaning is done, refill the pond with clean water and return your fish and plants to their home.


Also, if you want a pond with fish on a regular basis, you will have to know that you will also have to think about the life of the living beings that you have and not only about the landscape. You can enjoy a wonderful ecosystem by taking into account some tips for caring for your pond.

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