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Feng-shui tips for the garden

The oriental discipline of Feng Shui has been for years one of the best keys to help us decorate the home so that it feels warm, cozy and full of good energy.

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Follow Feng Shui

This is something that can be applied even more in gardens, and then you will understand why… Take note of some of these tips, and boost positive energies in your outdoor spaces too!

  1. Fortunately, the garden is one of the places where the natural elements that are so important for Feng Shui can have the greatest presence: that water, earth or wood, for example, should not be lacking in your garden.
  2. Keep your garden clean and tidy so that energy can flow in it and also keep your specimens healthy and in good condition. In fact, plants are one of the elements of the garden that most help to relax and disconnect.
  3. The flow of chi can move as much as it wants, so there is no need for spaces to be straight and overly simple: Paths, paths, and the like can play with curvilinear shapes as much as they like.
  4. As we said before, water is necessary in a feng-shui-inspired garden, especially if it is in motion. Of course, it should always be located in front of the house and not in the rear areas.

Species preferred by Feng Shui

As for plants, some of the species preferred by feng shui are the following:

  • Pines and bamboos: Represent longevity and nobility.
  • Jade, cotyledons, taro: They are associated with prosperity.
  • Peony: Love and feminine beauty.
  • Lotus flower: Symbolizes purity.

Lighting is also important: Create a calm climate with some soft lights, candles or panels to give the environment a warm and cozy air on relaxing summer nights.

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