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Plants to cover fences and walls

Getting a movie garden is a matter of putting a little imagination, determination and a lot of love in the daily care.

In this sense, one of the most important questions is to choose well the specimens that will decorate our outdoor space: in addition to some plants, flowers, trees or shrubs, one of the elements that will give the garden more charm will be the upholstery plants for cover both the fences of your garden and the walls of your facade.

The best plants

Here is a review of some of them, so take a look at their characteristics … and decide on yours now!

  • Ivy : Although you probably have only one species in mind, in reality ivy is a genus of the Araliaceae family with a wide variety among which you will find specimens such as common ivy, that of Algeria, that of the Canary Islands or that of the Caucasus, among many others.
  • Vine of trumpet : This beautiful specimen of orange flowers trumpet – shaped can reach up to 15 meters high, but should be supported with our help because it could not support its own weight.
  • Rosales Climbers : In addition to a delicious fragrance, roses are great for covering ornamental specimens from fences and walls to pergolas, columns or arches, for example.
  • Honeysuckle : It is an excellent natural fragrance for our garden as well as a charming ornamental specimen. Ideal for any place due to its ability to adapt to almost every corner, this climbing plant gives beautiful pink and white flowers.
  • Pink jasmine : It is a specimen of Chinese origin that gives beautiful and aromatic pink flowers during the warmest months of the year and can reach several meters.

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