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Negative plants according to Feng Shui

Plants represent stability in Feng Shui, this is because they promote a harmonious flow of energy. However, not all of them are beneficial in achieving the desired oriental balance. Learn about indoor plants that Feng Shui considers harmful in this AgroCorrn article .

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Plants that bring bad luck according to Feng Shui


Cacti attract all the negativity that circulates through the air, so it is advisable not to have them, especially at the entrance of the house. If you like them, it is better to have them on the terraces or near the windows.


This plant represents loneliness , so growing it attracts bad luck related to singleness and widowhood. Do not have it under your same roof under any circumstances if you want a happy life with a partner.


It is recommended not to have more than three, and always located near the door or window because they act as a “vampire” that absorbs all the positive and negative. Its excess can create a significant energy imbalance.

Air carnation

Plant that absorbs good energy , so that only negative energy is allowed to flow around. It should not be kept indoors to prevent bad and unexpected things from happening.


If you have plants of this family (yucca, pita or maguey), it is advisable to group them in a certain corner of the house so that they concentrate the bad vibrations.

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