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Musical instruments made from recycled materials

Music cheers hearts , tames beasts and is liked by -almost- everyone. Listening to it, dancing it or playing an instrument are very beneficial practices both for us and to instill in the little ones. Today we bring you a fun, cheap, simple and ecological idea that you will love: the manufacture of musical instruments from recycled materials for children.

Yes, how you hear it. It is possible that that old shoe box or the boats that no longer serve you will become that instrument that will brighten the evenings to the little ones and – who knows? – will make them become a great musician or musician. What is certain is that the manufacture of these instruments will guarantee you great moments of entertainment with your children or with your little loved ones.

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  1. Tambourines: That Christmas Instrument
  2. Maracas to liven up the parties
  3. The castanets to give a flamenco touch
  4. Flute, wind instrument
  5. The guitar, the queen of the concert

Tambourines: That Christmas Instrument

We will start with something simple: tambourines and zambombas. We know that the Christmas season is over, but you can go practicing making these instruments , without which these holidays would not be the same. Tambourines and zambombas inspire us with happiness, uproar, commotion, joy, reunion, friendship … you cannot miss the pleasure of playing them on the street, in bars or at the houses of acquaintances this Christmas.

You will need a box of cheeses(one of those from El Caserío, or La Vaca que Laughter) empty, electrical tape, bells that you can find in haberdashery and colored cellophane papers. The process is simple: just fill the box with the bells (or whatever sounds), close tightly with electrical tape and then decorate all over with the colored cellophane.

Maracas to liven up the parties

Maracas are also very suitable for Christmas , but they will also serve to animate summer concerts. Without a doubt, they will bring great joy to your celebrations.

Maracas follow the same principle: we fill a container (in this case, oval) with chickpeas or grains of rice so that when they hit they make noise (you can also use bells) and we close it. Next, we put a stick on it, something to hold the maraca and make it sound. The most ecological and simple solution is to use yogurt or curd containers or another plastic container. If you also want to give your castanets a more sympathetic appearance, glue or paint some eyes on the container and, with a few pieces of wool, turn your maraca into a friendly bearded doll that will accompany you on your afternoons on the go.

The castanets to give a flamenco touch

There are few inventions as Spanish as our castanets. If you love to dance sevillanas at parties or if you just like that hollow sound, you can make some beautiful castanets in the shape of a turtle (or whatever animal you want) right now.

You only need two elongated pieces of cardboard , four badges (from a beer bottle, for example) and felt to decorate. Paint the cardboard green, fold it in half and glue the plates so that when folding the cardboard they match and sound. On the outside, cover with green felt and design the shape of the turtle (the eyes, the dress …)

Flute, wind instrument

The flute is that instrument that they taught us to play in music class, but that, no matter how hard you tried, always the finger would go away and a noise would end up that could hardly be defined as music. Now you can practice as many times as you want with this self-made flute.

We will do it simply with the help of the straws of plastic that we have left over from our last birthday. We advise putting enough to achieve a more elaborate instrument. We will glue the straws with transparent insulating tape (with normal glue they do not stick), but first we will have to cut the straws gradually, so that each one is shorter than the one on the left. With this simple craft , children and parents will have their flute.

The guitar, the queen of the concert

For those who want to become guitar virtuosos , it is possible to make this instrument very easily. In this way, your children will begin to understand how it works. Only need a box closed on all sides and rectangular in shape (eg, a box of tissues or shoes) The first thing you have to do is cut one figure oval on top (only), simulating the hole guitar .

If you want to decorate your guitar with papers and paints, now is the time to do it, to make it more personal and beautiful than any other.

Next, you will need rubber bands , the kind used to tie things in the kitchen. Put at least six above the hole (like the six strings on the guitar). It is important that you place a small, cylindrical object (like a pencil) under the rubber bands on one side to make their sound more natural.

To finish, you will have to add the neck of the guitar and you will do it with a roll of kitchen paper or similar. You already have a perfect instrument for the little ones to play!

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