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When it comes to having a home and garden full of plants, practically everything can be done with very little money for a little effort or creativity. On other occasions we have seen how to make compost at home, bokashi, humus, etc. to have a garden with spectacular plants. This time, at AgroCorrn, we are going to do something even simpler and that will add an original touch to your areas with plants. Keep reading and learn how to make recycled pots at home, to have original and fun pots without spending much.

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  1. How to make recycled pots – tips
  2. Recycled pots with plastic bottles – step by step
  3. How to make flower pots out of cans
  4. How to make flower pots with support pallets

How to make recycled pots – tips

When it comes to making planters with recycled material , there are as many ways to do it as there are ideas you can come up with. In the end, it is about looking at that container that you were going to throw away, letting the light bulb light up and by the time you want to realize it, you already have something new and original.

In this article we are going to see some of the most used methods to make recycled flower pots with plastic bottles, cans and pallets , but surely once you get down to them, you yourself can think of many more ways to make your own designs.

Of course, always be careful with the tools and materials used so that they are not dangerous or can cause accidents.

Recycled pots with plastic bottles – step by step

Actually, this system can also be used with glass bottles, but plastic is preferable because it is much easier to work with and is not dangerous if it breaks. Follow these steps to make a planter out of a plastic bottle :

  1. Take your plastic bottle and cut it in half roughly, or an inch above the midpoint. Use scissors or a utility knife to remove any ridges that may have been left on the section.
  2. Put the cap on the bottle, and poke a small hole in the cap of the bottle. You can use any sharp object like a screwdriver or even a pen. Pass a thread of some absorbent material such as wool through this hole. This will help us to make the recycled planter self-watering.
  3. The lower half of the bottle will be the base of the pot, while the upper part must be turned over, and fit on the base, upside down. In this way, you can put the soil and your plants in the created container, and fill the base with water. Thus, the wool thread will absorb moisture and transmit it to the substrate at the rate that the plant needs.
  4. Now paint and decorate your bottles however you like to make them a truly unique design!

Another option is that you can make the cut horizontally so that the pot is more of the small planter type , as in the image. As you can see, they are also a great option for making hanging pots .

How to make flower pots out of cans

Making flower pots with used cans is really simple, since once emptied and washed, they have basically the same shape as a conventional ceramic flower pot. Follow these instructions to make these original pots:

  1. If you are going to use them to place plants that need good drainage, however, it is recommended that you make some holes in the base of the can so that the pot can eliminate excess moisture there.
  2. Once this is done, place the can slightly above ground level, supporting the circumference of its base on small pebbles or any support that seems aesthetic to you, and you have it.
  3. To make it more attractive and beautiful, you can line them with paper or napkins with motifs that you like. To do this, simply place your chosen paper on them and use varnished glue with a brush. With a little practice, they will be perfect and wrinkle-free. Another option is to paint directly on the can.

Here you can learn more creative ideas to recycle cans .

How to make flower pots with support pallets

Pallets are an industrial material that is very easy to see discarded in buildings or material transport areas when they break or are not suitable for work. In most of these sites, in fact, they will not have a problem for you to take some of those that no longer serve them if you approach to ask for it.

In addition, placed in the right place and with a touch of decoration, they can give the gardens a rustic touch that makes them more and more used. In fact, pallets are recycled materials widely used to decorate gardens , as you can see in this other article.

To turn a pallet into an original pot rack , you only need to get hold of a few metal supports to screw onto it, where you can later hang the pots.

You can just leave your pallet as you found it if it wasn’t dirty, or sand it down to give it a facelift, and even paint it if you have a good idea in mind.

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