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Ideas to recycle cork stoppers

Cork stoppers allow creative recycling as practical as it is decorative. Although getting the number necessary to carry out impressive projects is complicated, in return, its difficulty is usually minimal.

Indeed, putting on is synonymous with achieving spectacular results, and it is also true that we can make very attractive projects with a single cap or by gathering a few, without further complications.

Of course, patience is essential, and to have it the illusion for the project could not be absent. With some corks on the table and imagination ready to do his thing , it will easily cover surfaces, making figurines fill containers of glass or glass or, for example, make toys that will delight the kids in the house and not so Kids. Next, in AgroCorrn we show you several ideas to recycle cork stoppers . Take note!

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  1. Cover surfaces with corks
  2. Fill gaps with corks
  3. Make figures and dolls
  4. An animated world
  5. Constructions with cork stoppers

Cover surfaces with corks

Corks are ideal for lining trays , frames for photos , frames for mirrors , templates shaped letters … Anyway, the cap can paste directly, as is, or cut it in half to get a result less padding and make it double for us.

It is also fun and original to cut the caps into slices, giving special visibility to those that have printed drawings or other engravings. As can be seen in the image, playing with randomly cut and colored corks allows us to make a modern wall cork to hang notes and photos.

As long as we have a base on which to stick the cork stoppers, the task will be simple. It will cost its own, but if we take it as a relaxing activity, time will be our ally.

On the other hand, let’s cut out a pattern with a circular, rectangular or adopting any other shape and after gluing the corks we will obtain a decorative trivet or coaster that is at the same time very practical. They will be of great help in the kitchen and at the table, since cork is a great insulator and withstands high temperatures very well.

Fill gaps with corks

The caps of cork have a wood color and appearance that makes decorative objects that convey a sense of comfort. Its aesthetics can be used to fill vases and other glass containers, both natural and painted.

They are also ideal for filling gaps in creative recycling projects. Taking them into account as substitutes for paint or fabric scraps when animating or covering surfaces can give our creations great personality.

Make figures and dolls

Cork stoppers typically used for bottles of sparkling wine or champagne have a slightly convex shape at the top, which facilitates seize us to make it a head with their entire little body or torso, as desire.

Minimalist ears, eyes, nose, legs and tails made of cardboard, wire and the like make them look like cute little mice. From this idea, let’s just let our imagination fly and go for the complete zoo …

The corks conventional are also easily become cute dolls if we use our personal magic. Combined with sparkling wine or alone, they make incredible dolls that come to life if we add a few eyes. And, already curling the curl, why not, let’s take the needles and start knitting to make them an indescribable little coat, as shown in the image above.

Cutting them in half and stacking them into geometric shapes will help us turn a lot of stoppers into a decorative bowl or a square or rectangular container in which to store endless objects.

And, be that as it may, if we want to paint them, let’s take advantage of the porosity of the cork to tint them with natural dyes, such as henna or any other natural colorant, even with coffee grounds.

Besides paint we can use the technique of the stopper of cork for painting wood surfaces or smooth walls let us say. To achieve a mottled pattern, we will tap gently with the base of the cap or roll it in vertical rows at regular intervals, then overlapping in diagonal lines. Or for example, we roll the cap in one direction and we create drawings as we please.

An animated world

The needles and pins also make friends with cork stoppers. In this way, let’s use them to store one and the other in the drawer or in the sewing box, as a pincushion. Theirs is to join several caps, ideally forming a figure or doll, for example. Nothing like achieving functional and friendly objects that make us smile and are useful!

If we want to release a few corks , turning them into dolls is an option that does not fail. Expressiveness is important. It’s not so much about being perfectionists, but about achieving expressions that convey. Let’s try different types of expressive eyes and success will be ours.

Constructions with cork stoppers

The figurines can become chess pieces , checkers or, why not, a game invented by us and, of course, if we want to start projects that make children dream, let’s take advantage of cardboard boxes or wood veneers that we supern to create a kingdom inhabited by those earplugs transformed into funny characters.

With the plugs it will also be relatively easy to make houses , castles and other constructions . Even boats. In the image that opens the post we see how easily three stoppers, two rubber bands, a toothpick and a piece of foam can become a funny little boat. And now, what if we put one of our dolls on such a beautiful boat?

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