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The eco-friendly decor is key if we want a greener home. There are many, almost infinite, possibilities that creative recycling offers us and also the plant world to fill our home with ecological objects and plants so that they fulfill the double function of being decorative, sometimes, also practical.

It will be easy to find ways to make your home more ecological by recycling or reusing everyday objects in one way or another, creating ornaments with Still Life, such as dried leaves or flowers, and also living, surrounding ourselves with ornamental plants. Keep reading this AgroCorrn article to learn how to enjoy eco-friendly décor .

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What is ecological decoration

On the one hand, we must bear in mind that ecological decoration must be based on basic principles such as the famous three R’s of ecology: recycle, reuse and reduce. Among other things, this means that everything that can have a second life will be a good candidate as raw material for recycling or, of course, also to be used again for the same or another purpose.

Plus, cutting down on decorative items is another way to go green. Therefore, even if the objects have not been made with recycled materials at home or by acquiring them – always with their respective eco certificate – having a minimalist decoration also helps to take care of the planet.

In another sense, ecological decoration can refer to the choice of ethical materials towards the environment and species, whether they come from endangered animals (ivory objects or tiger skins) or simply respectful of the right to life of the animals (rabbit skins, lamb skins or, for example, cow skin), so its concept is as broad as it is flexible.

That’s right, Mother Nature is a luxury designer who gives us great possibilities to decorate our home. The results can be as complex as we want, but we will also achieve real wonders with little effort.

Dry leaves, autumn fruits, pineapples, shells collected on the shore of the beach, dried flowers … Taking advantage of all these elements to decorate is a challenge for the imagination, which can range from a simple bouquet or the placement of dried leaves on the window pane, hanging from the ceiling or under glass until their transformation through paintings, making compositions, centerpieces, flower crowns, and a long list of ornaments.

Recycle with art

The recycling is another great opportunity to turn a house into an attractive, own space that reflects our personality, without giving up a lighter carbon footprint. In this field the variants are infinite, with no limits other than our creativity and the material available.

Far from being a resource for those who cannot afford new products, recycling is wealth, and the results can be surprising. Not surprisingly, recycling and reuse open up a wide range of possibilities, with the advantage that anything can end up being used for any other, however implausible it may seem.

From old jeans that we end up turning into a notebook cover and will even serve to line a matching pencil, to making cushions out of them, let’s say. More ideas: old clothes will be perfect for making a patchwork-style quilt and, if the garment has a special meaning, let’s dare to frame it or hang it directly on the wall. A kimono, a ballet suit, a judo suit, a baby clothes, that dress that brings us such beautiful memories …

The pallets are another versatile maximum material valuable thing we can easily become a couch, a bed, table or garden furniture very original. In the same way, old wooden fruit boxes can become tremendously stylish without the need for conditioning, as can be seen in the image that opens the post.

The furniture can also give much play. A chair that we no longer use will be perfect as a planter. We can decorate it or simply let the plants, preferably with flowers, do the work for us.

Finally, plants are a gold mine for an ecological decoration. Essential, one might say, both indoor and outdoor, on balconies, terraces, gardens and also on windows. In these cases, having a green hand is not enough to be able to consider that a plant decoration is ecological.

If, on the one hand, plants purify indoor environments naturally and outdoors they are a breath of life, it is also true that choosing native species or, without going any further, planting organic seeds or installing a drip irrigation system would be a plus to when it comes to achieving an ecological garden.

Chemical-free fertilizers and pesticides must also be used Only in this way, taking care of these details, we will achieve that these plants are really an ecological decorative element. Placing a birdhouse or birdseed feeder in the window, on the balcony or in a tree will help the wildlife. There are really nice ones or, much better than buying them, yours would be to make them ourselves with recycled material.

In short, in addition to having desire, enthusiasm and being aware, to succeed we only have to learn to combine respect for the environment with the creation of a home environment that is functional and beautiful. In addition, ecological decoration helps to save good money and, if done with good taste and know how to personalize, the result will be a comfortable home, which will say a lot, and very good, about us.

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