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Ideas to recycle colored straws

The recycling of straws of plastic has its charm. What’s more, they even seem made for that purpose. Its varied colors, its fun shape, the great ease of putting together several, an endless number of them, make this single-use object a very attractive material for creative recycling.

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  1. Simple crafts
  2. Surprising projects
  3. Conclusions


Simple crafts

Whether the straws are used or if we have a lot of them new at home, unused for years, in all cases we have an excellent material that will be easy to transform into something useful and decorative. A very simple way to give them a second life is to use them to line different surfaces, such as plastic containers or jars, glass, boxes or any other object that we want to cover with a most original tapestry.

If necessary, we will cut the straws to the necessary height to adjust them to the edges and, otherwise, we will simply stick them one next to the other, without leaving spaces, choosing the same color or making the combinations that we want. This method will allow us to do endless things, from renovating a pencil to lining a cardboard box and any other surface such as a photo frame or, for example, turning a glass container into a beautiful vase, as can be seen in the image which opens the post.

If we are not smart or we are short of time, we can put them in a pen or glass container, like a glass, to place them as a decoration, adding a flower on top that we can easily make with a cardboard, sheet or cutting out a tray made of polyurethane, which are often used as food packaging. Or, why not, let’s write positive, beautiful words that we like on white or colored strips of paper and place them as if they were flags to inspire ourselves and convey good feelings.

If we have some pendants to make earrings , -either recycling old ones or buying them to make our own jewelry-, it will be a challenge to make earrings by adding plastic straws cut into small pieces, which we will glue to give them one shape or another. Or, why not, let’s use them as beads for a necklace, give life to the Christmas tree with pendants made with straws or make a small and original tree with them.

Surprising projects

The most surprising and admirable imaginative recycling also has a good scope with the discreet colored straws . Complex projects with which handymen or artists dare, without further adjectives, capable of turning a handful of straws into a beautiful multi-colored lamp or into a really precious matching designer necklace and bracelet are impressive.

You also have to have great skill to turn simple straws into geometric figures (we can use them as decorative figures that we will hang from a thread) or, much more simply, we can make stars by crossing two triangles. There are ambitious and tremendously fun projects that turn them into a dress and even multi-colored curtains.


In addition, reusing plastic straws is an eco-friendly gesture that minimizes the environmental impact of disposable objects. Thanks to that second life we ​​avoid waste, while creating something useful, which also avoids buying another object, which is doubly beneficial for the environment, and also for our pocket.

Although it may seem complicated to make a creative project using straws, the truth is that we can make tremendously simple crafts and obtain spectacular results, as with any piece or pieces that allow construction, such as clothespins, plastic or cork stoppers, toothpicks. , the popsicle sticks or the plates.

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