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Ideas to decorate at Christmas

Creativity and recycling are not polar opposites, quite the opposite, but it is also true that they attract each other powerfully. This does not mean that recycling implies being creative, not necessarily, nor that all creative recycling has a little bit of madness. Daring to border on nonsense, however, is very often the key to success. But why are we tied to routine, what prevents us from creating without limits? It is a difficult question to answer, but the simple fact of asking it gives us the opportunity to try to get out of that lack of imagination that so little matches the Christmas dates, so full of emotions and fantasy. So let’s put our mind to work and give it wings to create Christmas decorations with recyclable material .

In this AgroCorrn article, we show you great ideas to decorate at Christmas with recyclable material . Go ahead and make these ecological Christmas crafts with yours!

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  1. A different nativity scene
  2. Recycled Christmas Tree
  3. Ecological and exclusive Christmas decorations
  4. Delicious Christmas decoration with Christmas recipes
  5. Christmas decoration with LED lights
  6. Play with colors to decorate your home at Christmas

A different nativity scene

Let’s apply that playful creative process to a more sustainable Christmas decoration , let’s play invent to get a house that has a lot of us without the need to pollute or spend more. Let’s start with the traditional nativity scene, one of those Christmas decorations that we can turn around to transform it into something different, without losing that particular essence, its beautiful spirit.

Flip it over? Give it a thousand and one turns, more exactly. The possibilities are as many as our imagination dictates, but if we want to bet on the craziest ideas for Christmas , let’s look for a scenario that is not the usual one. What props could fit? Surprising without being eccentric, or looking to be, is an art …

If the nativity scene is very extensive, let’s choose the most important figures or simply the ones we like the most and go with them to an unusual place: what could it be … For example, if we have a round fish tank , it would be great to put a base with sand, rice, sugar, salt, etc. and mount a nativity scene inside and even glue them to its base and to the walls so that they defy gravity and look unusual. And why not add other objects, whether they are Christmas or not.

Recycled Christmas Tree

The tree is another strong candidate to suffer our mischief, although the ideal would be to do without it, especially if it is natural, as a gesture in favor of the environment. If we have an artificial tree, although it also contaminates its own, since we have already acquired it, let’s take advantage of it as much time as possible and find how to decorate it in a creative and ecological way: colored buttons, old scraps, disguised nuts, can serve us. soda cans cut into Christmas shapes, like reindeer, snowmen or, put to imagine, anything else that inspires us.

In case of not having / wanting an artificial or natural tree, we do not have to do without this traditional Christmas symbol. Let’s go all out and invent one or several small trees, for example in miniature, and surround it with a snowy landscape creating a mini terrarium inside a glass container or, again, in a small fish tank.

Stacking books in the shape of fir is another interesting option that can inspire us to get that tree without the need to cut them down or increase greenhouse gas emissions. The result, as can be seen in one of the images below, is impressive and highly decorative. It is surprising to see how such an unexpected and atypical idea manages to create that genuine Christmas atmosphere, its very magic.

And, of course, the same idea is applicable with other objects. Let’s give the magín for a few days and let the imagination tell us what to do. As a last suggestion for trees, creating profiles on the wall in the shape of a fir tree can lead to many variations: cork stoppers or the tinsel itself are interesting materials to carry it out. And what if we write beautiful or moving or rebellious phrases on pages or post-its that we can also stick on the wall, as an ornament?

The chapter of the Christmas trees gives a lot of itself. Let’s take advantage of the fact that the tree’s shape is very characteristic, like a pyramid, to play with all kinds of materials.

The trick is to dare, pull the magic and enjoy the result. Let’s be eco – crazy and the spirit of Christmas will emerge in the most unexpected place. In the images we see how the most different objects can serve us. Books, Christmas balls, paper … The small size is also attractive, and you know, the small size is generally more ecological.

Ideally, we save the tree for years to come. No matter how recycled it is, it will always be preferable to reuse. Again, we can give it a new look every Christmas and, best of all, save ourselves from doing it again and respect natural trees.

In this other post you will see more ecological Christmas trees: with leaves from magazines and newspapers .

Ecological and exclusive Christmas decorations

The Christmas crafts to decorate the house go beyond the tree or the nativity scene. Of course, they are also used to decorate both one and the other. We are talking about the typical balls, garlands, pinecones, stars, tinsel or pinecones , let’s say.

The possibilities are endless. If we can’t think of anything, let’s start from what we have and give it a new look. Let’s add something new to the tinsel strips, such as colored buttons or, for example, with small pendants created from magazine clippings and ribbons.

Let’s make Christmas cookies with typical or atypical shapes and use them as pendants for the tree. It will be fun to be able to eat them! Or the birth itself. A simple and rich nativity scene, with easy-to-make cookies (you just have to make the profile with a knife), which we can then decorate with chocolate or using other toppings if we want them to be colored. On the other hand, Christmas wreaths are a challenge to the imagination. Customizing a boring crown is quite an adventure. You can also make Christmas tree decorations from recycled bottles or a snowman from plastic cups and other pieces.

If turning a lot of balls into a crown is an original idea , transforming the most typical into fun recycling works will add a priceless touch of humor to our decoration. How about putting out old toys, and the wrappers for the chocolate bars? Courage, hitting is hitting!

Let’s not forget the pineapples to make centerpieces, crowns and pendants . If we don’t want to complicate things, let’s use them with candles and some other details (mistletoe, tinsel, glitter, snow powder, balls, etc.) to create original centerpieces .

They will be very easy to turn into a most original garland . They also go very well with Christmas balls, randomly placing them in a glass container.

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Delicious Christmas decoration with Christmas recipes

In ecology, reuse is a plus. In this case we are going to propose a somewhat atypical interpretation of the three R’s of ecology (reduce, recycle and reuse) that can be helpful to decorate in a different way.

The idea is none other than to turn the decoration into food or on the contrary, to make the culinary delights of these days part of the decoration. In this way, we can save the decoration or, at least, a part of it.

There are endless ideas for Christmas that you can prepare in the kitchen. Among the Christmas recipes for starters, main dishes, appetizers, cookies and desserts plated as if they were a fir tree or other Christmas decorations . Its colors and the result can be spectacular.

Christmas decoration with LED lights

A simple Christmas decoration that could perfectly be LED lights , which help save energy at Christmas , and the atmosphere of the candles will combine wonderfully with a dinner that combines the decoration of the dishes with that of the room.

A bit crazy, it is true, but no less funny or, if you like, even stylish and elegant. Everything will depend on how we raise it. Our creativity can work wonders, give it the perfect touch.

Because, in addition to saving a good little money and taking care of the planet, we get a personalized decoration. Very ours, with a non- consumer green Christmas spirit . If we want eco-friendly parties, that’s what it’s all about, after all.

Play with colors to decorate your home at Christmas

This proposal is based on a very basic decoration idea, but we are going to give it a different touch. We will start with the typical colors of Christmas: green, red, white, gold, silver … or we will play with different tones to create that multicolored sensation that we also associate with these dates.

Applying this elementary idea we achieve that objects that are not normally related to Christmas have a very modern flavor. For example, simply tie a cushion with a red bow to make it a precious Christmas detail.

We can also use the power of red to integrate any detail into part of the special decoration . This time they have been red boots (his thing is to use broken boots or that we have left small) used as pots that remind us of the boots of Santa Claus.

In addition, these colors, such as green and red, are also reminiscent of fir, holly , poinsettia , Christmas cactus and other typical Christmas plants , such as mistletoe , with its green leaves and red bracts. and its flowers and red fruits. It will be easy to combine the colors with other decorations for a nice outfit.

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