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Recycled Christmas tree decorations

Christmas is coming. You have to start thinking about the gifts and the decoration of the house if we don’t want the bull to catch us and it better be ecological , that is, with recycled or reused materials. One of the decorative elements that you cannot miss is the Christmas tree. The ornaments can come from recycled materials. We give you some ideas.

natural and ecological decoration are pineapples. If you live near a pine forest, you only have to collect the ones that fall naturally from the trees. In some areas they are used as fuel to light the fire in the fireplace. But, in our case, we will use them as a natural decoration of the tree. They can be placed as is or, more fun and original, they can be painted.

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Paper, cork …

Another material that gives a lot of play is paper. Different shapes can be created such as stars, houses, balls and different colors can also be displayed. But remember that it is preferable that the paper (or cardboard) is reused. For example, the wrapping paper can be saved to create tree ornaments.

Objects such as plates can be reused, which can be painted in colors or with decorative motifs. If three join, a snowman is simulated. Another material that is left over at parties is wine and cava corks. Several can be put together to create fun figures of animals or a tree. In addition, as it is a material that weighs little, they can be hung.

Other options with cork

Another possibility is to place the pine cones upside down , paint them and place tiny ornaments, so that we get a mini Christmas tree that can be placed anywhere, on the office table, for example. You don’t need a huge tree to remind us that it is Christmas.

In general, the idea is to use any object or material that can serve as decoration, without having to buy it and, if possible, that, at the end of the holidays, it is not necessary to throw it away. With this premise, all you have to do is put your imagination into it.

For example, for those who want to occupy time and remove stress as well as lead a more ecological life, they can choose to make balls for the crochet tree. You can use various colors and have a colorful Christmas tree.

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