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New alternative in ecology: natural candles

One of the favorite options for decorating and “giving atmosphere” in homes, places for the well-being and restaurants is the candles. Millions of candles are lit every day, but perhaps we have rarely thought about how much they pollute. It depends on the material from which they are made, they can be very harmful to the planet. However, there are other less harmful options for the air, such as so-called “ecological” or natural candles that we can make ourselves, with excellent results.

A large part of the candles that we find on the market are made of paraffin, a petroleum derivative that can cause health problems and environmental pollution, since it is a toxic material. In addition, it is a carcinogenic and non-renewable fossil fuel. Its risks have already been warned by the American Lung Association. In addition, among its components, there are pollutants such as benzene and naphthalene. They are used more often because they are cheaper than other types, such as those made from animal fat, beeswax or oil candles. In addition, being a neutral color, dyeing them is very easy. The candle made of beeswax, for example, pollutes the air much less. If you want to know the new alternative in ecology: natural candles, keep reading this AgroCorrn article.

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  1. Alternatives: beeswax
  2. Alternatives: soy wax
  3. Simple option: buy your candles in Bio stores
  4. Do It Yourself Option: Make your candles
  5. More advantages

Alternatives: beeswax

As we said, it is a one hundred percent natural wax extracted from the gland of bees. Being a natural wax , it pollutes much less than the artificial paraffin candle. Their disadvantage is that they have a much higher cost.

Alternatives: soy wax

One of the Eco materials that tread the hardest is soy wax , which is more beneficial for health and the environment . To achieve different aromas and colors, natural colorants and essential oils can be used, without harming the planet. Being one hundred percent vegetable, soy wax is a healthy option. It is obtained through soybeans, which gives rise to soybean oil, which, through a process, becomes solid. Those solid grounds are what allow making the candles considered “eco friendly”. Soy is a product that can be renewed and is biodegradable and, above all, it is not a toxic or artificial product like petroleum-derived fuels.

Simple option: buy your candles in Bio stores

If you do not have the time or desire to make them yourself, today there are many options in natural and organic stores . Just make sure these candles are made with beeswax or soy wax or have no artificial elements. There are plenty of inexpensive options and you can find them in all kinds of shapes, colors, and scents. You don’t have to give up this decor item to be eco-friendly.

Do It Yourself Option: Make your candles

A highly recommended alternative is to make the natural candles ourselves. It will not take us long, we can customize them to our liking and, nowadays, in specialized stores or Bio we can find all the materials separately, making the overall process very economical for us.

Soy wax is, for obvious reasons, much cheaper than bee wax. This means that, in any Bio online or physical store, we can find a kilo of soy wax for a price around ten euros. With one kilo, we can make many candles, depending on the size we want. Also, you should get some small reinforced glass glasses for candles and some natural wicks , for example made of cotton.

Then, we will melt the amount of wax in a water bath in a pot to stir it with a stick. During this process, we can include essential oils to give aroma, as well as natural flavorings (lavender, thyme, lemon …), as well as other additives, such as mineral salts. If you want colored candles, there are also totally natural mineral pigments of various colors that will allow you to tint your candle. Then, distribute the appropriate amount of wax in the cups, insert the natural highlights with the help of tweezers and let them dry.

In addition, the remains of candles can be saved to form, from them, a new candle in the future. The advantages of this type of 100% ecological candles are many. For example, they burn much slower than artificial ones, so they will last us much longer. They are easier to clean on fabrics or surfaces, one of the great annoyances of candles to use. They are more beautiful, more natural, they do not pollute the air in our home, they are more aesthetic, we can personalize them and choose our scent, they do not consume so much oxygen in our home and they have a very soft texture.

More advantages

If this list of advantages has not convinced you, there are even more why it is more advisable to forget the use of paraffin candles or other toxic components and decide on ecological candles.

What would you say is the most annoying or dangerous thing about consuming candles on a daily basis? One of the cons is the risk of burns. Natural waxes, when they reach lower temperatures , will not burn us in the same way that a traditional wax would. That is why we can also use them for massages; Its texture, far from being a dense and thick wax, is more of a natural oil . Remember that it comes from soybean oil.

Furthermore, precisely derived from this combustion capacity, oil candles will consume more oxygen and expel more carbon dioxide. Not so with soy candles.

By consuming so slowly, a single candle will last us a long time, being able to light it and extinguish it as many times as we want, which makes its elaboration price ridiculous as long as it will last us.

Especially if you use candles often in your daily life, or know someone who consumes them on a large scale (for example, the owner of a night restaurant or a spa), it is time to do your bit for ecology and general health. Bet on ecological candles .

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