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Simple ideas to recycle glass bottles

Creative glass bottle recycling can take a thousand and one ways . If we decide to save them from ending up at the bottom of the green container, we will discover that creating something useful or transforming them into a decorative object is much easier than we imagined.

There are jaw-dropping examples, recyclables that are true works of art, ingenious and, most of the time, difficult, complicated, if not impossible to imitate. They do not even serve as inspiration, since they require skill and tools that are not within our reach.

Fortunately it is not always like this. There are also surprising and very practical ideas, even fun ones, that can be done without complicating your life, that is, without having to cut the bottles or work with them in a complex way.

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Multicolored walls and mosaics

Turning them into spectacular mosaics is a way to give them a new life without complicating ours. To do this, let’s smash them and use the pieces as a collage, on a surface of fresh cement paste, sinking the cutting parts so that it is not dangerous.

If we dare to make a wall, we intersperse whole large-size bottles, in a geometric arrangement. The trick is to make it the thickness of the bottle, letting both ends stick out for a glass effect. Ideally, leave the base part on only one side to achieve a uniform and decorative result.

If you are not into the work of making masonry , you will achieve a wonderful result if you dye them or cover them by gluing pieces of fabric to them and playing with rope together or separately. Bottles partially lined with esparto or raffia type rope are great, even macramé type if it is very fine.

Coloring them by filling them with paint and then emptying them is a very simple and attractive option. Doing it with several is a quick way to get beautiful vases that will look great together, as you can see in the image above.

Or, why not, it will be even easier not to touch them and play with different fillings to also achieve a very decorative result , as the image that opens the post shows. And, the simplest option: let’s take advantage of our good taste to make a beautiful composition of bottles of different shapes and / or colors. They can be perfect without adding anything else or, if we wish, let’s fill them halfway with water and place the odd little flower , artificial or natural.

A nice and orderly garden

Reusing the bottles in the garden or in a mini garden can solve problems of separation of spaces, delimiting areas or creating corridors in a fast and decorative way.

It will be as fast and easy as sinking the bottles into the ground so that they do not move or, for example, nailing them in cement to dry and get an original planter (you will see a good example again in the image that opens the post) that will withstand the elements for years without problems.

A trick to make the bottles have more weight when forming rows is to fill them with gravel or gravel, sand or earth. Their use as landmarks is wide, although we need to accumulate a large number to be able to set boundaries.

Finally, let’s not forget that caps also have many possibilities in creative recycling . We seize the occasion and also keep caps cork from the bottle of wine and then make useful and decorative crafts: from a mouse to a tray or cover photo frames, paintings or mirrors, for instance. As always, in creative recycling the imagination rules.

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