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Recycling yogurt cups is a true festival of colors, ideas and possibilities. This contributes to the fact that there are many cup designs on the market, of one and a thousand colors, and also how fun it is to give them a new life, especially using many units.

In general, they are a recycling that we could call coral, because rarely a single cup is recycled, although there is the challenge, because the potential is the same, actually. Be that as it may, the recycling of yogurts can help us to decorate any corner of the garden or inside the house and even be very useful in schools to make crafts or to organize the children’s material.

Most likely, the recycling of cups of yogurt is one of the most creative, a challenge to the imagination that is at the reach of everyone. Because who can’t collect yogurt cups? If we do not usually take them, we can ask a neighbor, friend or relative to keep it for us and, once we have them in our possession, we simply let ourselves be carried away by the magín and do something different.

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  1. Fun for the little ones
  2. Decoration and order in the home
  3. Bright decoration

Fun for the little ones

That there are no ideas? No problem, as long as there are glasses , there are a thousand and one possibilities. In this post we will put you on the track so that your imagination is activated or, why not, so that you can copy ideas that you like. A nice suggestion that children will love is to make dolls by putting eyes, ears and others on them or, for example, collect colored plastic cups and then use them to put them on each other, in an even more difficult way.

In the same way that castles of cards are made, we can make constructions with glasses. If we cannot get colored glasses like the one in the image, any other will do. As long as they’re the same size and shape, they’ll be perfect for fun, and if we’re in the mood for crafting and don’t like the way they look, line them with magazine clippings, fabric scraps, or old wrapping paper.

Decoration and order in the home

If instead of having cups we have made a few bottles of liquid yogurt, one idea is to join them by holding them with a ribbon (see the image that opens the post) and place flowers or plant seeds to sprout and thus obtain an original little garden. Finally, when they grow we simply transplant them to another pot or to the garden. Converting them into bowling pins or dolls are other original ideas.

Likewise, the yogurt cups serve as seedbeds and, once we have put them to use in the garden, turn them into hanging mobiles using other elements as well, such as bottle caps and whatever else we can think of.

As drawer organizers, yogurt cups are priceless. It will be enough to place them one next to the other, without more, if possible inside a box or structure that keeps them together, or let’s snap them together. The result will be perfect for storing everything from jewelry to coins and even socks.

Bright decoration

Lighting is another of the great possibilities offered by yogurt cups . Go ahead, yes, everything that involves electricity requires knowledge and caution and, for the rest, the most attractive glasses are the colored plastic ones.

With them we can do real wonders, as the image above shows: from fitting them into a simple garland of lights as is or doing it by working each glass to turn them into lamps, to daring to make a small-great work of art by artistically superimposing them forming a figure, whether or not it is geometric . Being made of a translucent material, a very suggestive atmosphere is created.

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