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How to make an ecological manger

If the other day we were talking about how to make recycled decorations for the Christmas tree, today it is the turn of the nativity or the manger, a more classic motif with a lot of tradition, especially in Catholic countries. In the markets and shops, these days mosses and lichens are sold to decorate the manger. Should they be purchased? It depends on where they come from, and since it is not easy to know where they come from, it is not easy to decide whether it is ecological to buy them.

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  1. Cardboard, paper and container lids
  2. Other motives
  3. Conclusions


Cardboard, paper and container lids

Using cardboard and paper that, otherwise, will end up in the corresponding container , is a good option. In fact, at the end of Christmas, it will end up in the trash anyway. You just have to save, the days before the holidays, some newspapers, cardboard boxes of food such as cookies or others, rolls of toilet paper, the advertising paper that is in the mailbox, etc.

The lids of containers , which are round, can be used to simulate the faces of different characters, painting them.

Other motives

By stacking two or three balls of yarn (better if it is white or of a very light color), funny snowmen can be created to complete the crib . Other materials to make figures can be old wood, toothpicks or matches.


As always, it is best to reuse objects that act as the Virgin Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, the animals (an ox and a mule), the star that guides the Magi, these with their camels, a stream and other typical motifs of the manger . In other words, the most ecological thing is to resort to the much talked about DIY (Do It Yourself, do it yourself). In addition, it is a way to spend time and do crafts, especially with children, either at home or at school .

To substitute moss, various materials can be used . For example, if it is possible to access it, you can use wood sawdust from a factory, a material that is usually thrown away. Many people use silver foil, but doing so is not a good idea. Both when it is manufactured and when it is discarded, it is a non- ecological and polluting material. If it is used for the crib, then it will be very difficult to find a use to reuse it. Therefore, it becomes non- recyclable garbage , which is precisely what we want to avoid. A lesser evil could be to use cotton, which, at least, is a natural and biodegradable material, although it is better to save it for what it has been manufactured.

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