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Christmas trees with leaves from magazines and newspapers

The crafts with recycled paper can be fun and easy to make at home. On these Christmas dates we propose to use the old magazines and newspapers that you have accumulated and turn them into the most diverse Christmas trees . Even a single leaf or, for example, a simple advertising brochure would be enough to make our little tree.

This time, that the firs are neither artificial nor real, but recycled and made with our own hands. So are the Christmas trees that we suggest as an eco-friendly option so that these days of peace and love are not only with family and friends, but also with the environment. The interesting thing about making our own Christmas decorations is its potential to be able to surprise if we need to scratch our pockets, simply with the originality of the result. Yes, it is true, traditional Christmas trees are very beautiful, but perhaps if we reflect we will discover that it is even more beautiful to contemplate them in their habitat and, above all, to prevent them from ending up in the trash. Discover in AgroCorrn how to make Christmas trees with leaves from magazines and newspapers.

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Trees with magazines

Let’s get to work. To make a Christmas tree with magazine sheets that is just the size of the same sheets, we will need scissors, glue stick and, obviously, a magazine. Next, we separate the leaves and fold them, joining corner to corner, so that we have a triangle.

Once we have them all, we must join them on one side so that they can stand upright. The more leaves we use, the thicker the tree will be. Finally, if we place the pointed part upwards and take advantage of the wide part as a base, we will see that its shape is like a real Christmas tree. And of course now the tree is asking for decorations, the more original the better …

Decorating it will be a challenge to the imagination: we can take advantage of scraps that we have as a case or other recycled materials or simply reuse conventional ornaments from other years dismantling them in case they are too large in proportion or, for example, using one of them to decorate the top.

Another option, also very simple, requires similar materials, but in this case the wrapping paper would also be perfect and white glue would be better. Finally, we will have to get a piece of cardboard or cardboard, which we will turn into a slightly narrower cone at the top.

From here, we will need a little patience: we will cut the chosen paper in the shape of petals or triangles and we will glue them on the cone, like leaves, so they will be great the more populated it is. On this occasion, decorating it is an option, but always taking care that the leaves are loose and fluffy.

Trees with newspaper

Although the previous crafts can be done with newspapers, especially the second one, the lower weight of the paper does not advise it. Other crafts will be more attractive, whether we want to make a mini tree or a larger tree or ornaments to decorate it. And, except for the different paper and a stapler, the materials we will need are similar.

The idea is to make a kind of paper garlands , all the same thanks to a profile or template that we will make previously to facilitate the work. With them we cut our tree on the paper until we achieve ten silhouettes, we superimpose them and we fasten them with a pair of staples in the center, so that they are not seen. Finally, we separate the leaves and give the tree volume, which will act as a Christmas ball. We repeat the operation, and we create ornaments, that easy …

If we stick the silhouettes on a cardboard that has the same shape, if possible on both sides, we will make the structure support more easily and serve as a mini tree to decorate any corner or, typically, a centerpiece.

To make a bigger tree , as much as we want, the cone technique is great. The only drawback may be to find a base on which to put it, although it will be easy to make a cone of the desired size with metal or plastic mesh that we can find in any hardware store. Later, let’s feather it from top to bottom with cones made with newspaper or any other, without forgetting to seal the end with cellophane.

If the cones decrease in size as they rise, it will be easier for us to achieve the optical effect of a tree. This same idea is also beautiful in mini size. Finally, the decoration can give the touch of originality and fun that makes it completely unique.

Finally, for the little ones in the house there are also crafts to spend an entertaining time making Christmas trees that they can decorate to their liking with their school paintings: crayons, markers, watercolors …

The collage is the handiest, but the truth is that never fails and is very creative. The complexity of the collage will have to adapt to the ages. For example, the little ones will be more than enough with a tree silhouette pasted on a sheet or cardboard, to later be able to decorate it to their liking and even make a Christmas postcard.

A more complex version can become not only a collage that represents a historically suggestive tree, with written and visual messages inside, but even a complete Christmas landscape. If we like the result, why not, it would be great to frame it and use it for successive Christmases.

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