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Ideas to recycle old furniture

The recycling creative is a perfect start to give new life to old furniture, among which include both those with a pile of years as those others simply dilapidated and unused, which no longer fit into a new decoration . Simply trying to save a piece of furniture, the same attitude of seeking one functionality or bet on a renovation to revalue in the aesthetic and even as a resale product is a decisive step.

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  1. Restore and paint
  2. Decoration with a retro feel
  3. Imagination to power
  4. The inspiration
  5. Conclusions

Restore and paint

Painting may require prior sanding, in which case we can then choose to apply a coat of paint following unconventional methods, which play with imperfection, as can be seen in the image above and also in the one that opens the post. In the same way, the paint layer and the artistic drawing are a good tandem , and if desired, original results will also be achieved by covering with paper (comic paper, wall paper, posters, etc.) and painting in combination.

If the furniture has an antique value, we should consult an appraiser to make the most appropriate decision, as recycling or poor restoration could spoil a piece of high market value. For the rest, once this possibility has been ruled out, imagination is king. With good taste, great things can be achieved: renovated furniture, which avoids buying new ones, colorful or simply integrated into the decoration, perfect for use.

Chairs and armchairs are usually worn in the seat part, so, in the case of chairs, it may be enough to paint them the same or another color or varnish them again and use scraps to make a cushion that covers and protects that seat. zone. Similarly, chairs are often like new by changing the seat and back cushions. It is also possible to go all out and cover them with dozens of soda cans, except on the seat, where we will place a very colorful cushion.

The tables and dressers are going to be transformed in a spectacular way by hanging them on the wall, lining the drawers or even the entire table with paper, and the same goes for the cabinets. Selectively line certain spaces and paint the rest of colors or, why not, it would be nice to give an artistic touch to drawings such as flowers or any figure or composition that inspires us.

Decoration with a retro feel

Lining the walls of the room or any of them with paper to create a vintage-style frame or atmosphere is another way to achieve a different decoration without having to change the furniture. The idea is to give prominence to those old or ancient furniture, with lines that seem to us from another era. That is precisely the key: to accompany the furniture with the appropriate decoration to create a vintage- style atmosphere by adding accessories and retro-type decorative objects, much better if they are authentic, because that is how we reuse them.

In second-hand stores or on ad websites it will be easy to find suitable pieces for that old furniture to find its place next to decorative objects of yesteryear. The examples are almost endless: an old typewriter, a vintage telephone, old books, collectors’ items or simply beautiful, that we like just because. In these cases, we could even buy them expressly in antique dealers or in stores that resell them. And, of course, it is also possible to find them on the street, next to a container , hoping that our imagination and enthusiasm will turn them into something special and, above all, very ours.

Imagination to power

That’s right, a change in mentality is necessary, and more so in these cases, which require minimal dedication and enthusiasm, especially in this world of ours, so friendly to use and throw away. Of course, once it has started, the good results and the joy of the work done by oneself encourage us to continue, and it is easy not to be able to stop.

When it comes to furniture, the imagination plays a great role , but it is also true that there are a series of guidelines that we can follow to obtain interesting results without having to pull the imagination. Thanks to the dissemination provided by the network, we can follow the step by step of a multitude of projects or capture ideas that work and apply them to our own. In addition, as we can see in the image above, well chosen, modern decorative objects can help tremendously to modernize an old piece of furniture.

The inspiration

The inspiration can come from where we least expect: for example, only to change a site furniture (from the dining room to the garden , the room to the living room, from the lounge to the kitchen …) we change the perspective, the possible use, assessment of its aesthetics in terms of shapes, color … That is, endless possibilities are opened to us that we can carry out through creative recycling: line the drawers with paper, paint it from top to bottom, only in part, make drawings artistic , make a table with a door, or, for example, remove a couple of drawers to turn the holes into shelves.


Obviously, you don’t have to change scenery to find recycling useful . We could also change its use, without moving it from where it is or doing it minimally, another trick that also works to inspire us more and better. In case of leaving the furniture where it is, the movement then has to be mental. In short, it is a matter of imagining it in a different color, or simply rehabilitated, respecting it, so we will have to concentrate on renovating it with a layer of varnish, paint of the same or slightly different tone , on eliminating woodworm and fixing small damages as a result of the passage of time or some other setback.

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