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Ideas to recycle an old bicycle

Since old bikes can work like new with a good set-up, the first suggestion to make is to simply get them out of the garage or out of the corner of oblivion and put them back on the road. It’s that simple, without further complications , by reviving them we make a double eco-friendly gesture, both by avoiding buying one and, perhaps, by encouraging ourselves to leave the car parked and bet on sustainable means of transport.

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Or, why not, another interesting possibility is to fix an old bike investing enough time so that the result is worth it. We can even paint it in a different color, that is beautiful, from black to white, pink or any tone that goes with the personality of that special person to whom we later think to give it as a gift. Well restored, an old bicycle can become a great gift, as well as ecological.

However, renovating it is not always possible or we simply do not want to use it or give it away and we prefer to give it another use. Luckily, there are endless ideas that will inspire us and allow us to transform them into something useful. Whether we have one or more unused bikes, there are endless decorative, fun or simply practical options for the home and garden to choose from.

Creativity has no limits, there can always be a new idea that jumps to our mind, a spark that ends up being a brilliant , ingenious , surprising and practical project or the sea of ​​decorative. Even so, there is no doubt that we must not only have the idea, but be able to carry it out, so we must also take into account our skills and tools.

Clocks, fences, lamps and ornaments

The wheels can end up as original pendants or watches with a minimal transformation. In the first case, we will obtain ideal pendants for the garden by hanging them from a tree, from the ceiling or from the wall, to which we will add colorful objects such as those that can be seen in the images that illustrate this post. Or, inside the house, they will be a decorative element used as peculiar panels on which to hang our photos with clips, specifically from the spokes.

Clocks are also a relatively simple option, since it only requires placing the needles and the machinery on both sides, in the central part, so we could also recycle a wall clock.

Transforming a wheel into a curious chandelier by adding other recycled materials or lighting its wheels with LED lights and hanging them from the wall or ceiling, both alone or with the complete bike would be interesting. In these cases, you must have specialized knowledge to avoid a possible electrical bypass through the metal structure of the bike. Therefore, a lot of caution in this regard.

Bicycles in the garden

In the garden , bicycles are a decorative element with great potential. If we want to achieve the best results, the bike must be old or have a retro design and include the typical basket to be able to use it as a flowerpot, from which one or more plants will hang beautifully. Of course, it may be necessary to give it a coat of paint or a special varnish to withstand the weather in the best way.

If you dare, it would be possible to grow vines that wrap around their structure or, for example, cover it with moss, the moss grows in it and make it look all upholstered with this natural coating, which will mean maintenance. Other options outside are to use the bikes or their wheels as fences.

Finally, we cannot end this post with a green vocation without mentioning the possibility of transforming a bike into a bi-generator. As is known, the bicigenerador can be made from any bike in order to do things as varied as pumping water, washing clothes, shelling corn or generating electrical energy.

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