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Easy to make recycled Christmas decorations

Christmas Eve is a good time to experience the beautiful spirit of these dates by decorating the house with objects that, why not, we can make ourselves in a simple, fun way and with spectacular results.

The least thought-out element can serve, transform almost instantly into an unexpected decorative object, with a Christmas flavor and respect for the environment. Indeed, recycling to decorate is betting on a more sustainable world, while saving a little money and sharing good times with our family or friends making original and, on many occasions, unique crafts. In this AgroCorrn article, we show off some easy-to-make recycled Christmas decorations.

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Creative recycling

But where to start? Almost anywhere, because this is just how creative recycling is, improvised inspiration, crazy ideas of your own or others, that allow you to take advantage of scraps, cardboard, magazine paper, newspaper, gift, buttons, pebbles, branches, dry leaves, popcorn. corn and a myriad of small objects that usually end up in the garbage can.

Christmas stars

Let’s start with the easiest, for example, making stars of different sizes and even shapes, with the material that we have at hand, such as felt, cardboard, colored paper, cardboard …

Once we have the desired number, join them with a string and simply hang it where we see fit, as if they were tinsel, either attached to the wall or as garlands that go from wall to wall. They are also beautiful vertically, even to make a beautiful door curtain.

The loose stars will be perfect decorations for the tree , replacing or complementing the typical Christmas balls or, for example, it would be great to stick them on the window glass.

Christmas village

A medium-sized rectangular cardboard box allows us to easily make a Christmas village. The front part will be that of the houses, while the rear will give depth to the whole with the profile of some fir trees or, if we prefer, some mountains.

If the box is square, the distance will be excessive, although we can make the necessary adjustment ourselves, as it would be enough to shorten it. In addition, to give it more Christmas warmth, we can cut the windows with a cutter, a lighting in the central part will give a magical glow to the whole and will make the light filter through them.

Ornament with branches

If we do not want to complicate anything at all, we will love to make a Christmas ornament for the tree with some simple twigs. In addition, if we spray the wood with essential oil we will obtain an original air freshener for the car, although in this case it is recommended not to use glues, varnishes or paints so that the wood absorbs as much as possible and the odors do not mix or become toxic.

Christmas balls

The tree balls are easy to customize. It will be enough to cover them with scraps or with sticking pieces of paper cut out in the shape of a circle or a droplet, for example. Once it has dried, let’s separate the leaves slightly and we will achieve a nice fluffy effect.

Take advantage of the old ornaments

Combining conventional ornaments with recycled materials is another interesting option that allows us to play by achieving impressive mixtures, such as the curious tree made with cardboard tubes and balls , a beautiful contrast between the bare cardboard and the brightness of the ornaments. An example of what can be done with just two well-combined elements, without the need for special skills.

Finally, let us unleash our creativity by making garlands with rectangular cardboard with rounded ends or cut with scissors with serrated edges, decorated to our liking, either by making collage or, for example, by lining them with scraps.

Let’s give them the shape of a gift package, a Christmas ball, a star or simply decorating them in red, gold, green and white, the typical colors of Christmas. In some of them it would be great to paste photos or photocopies of our smiling loved ones.

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