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Take back the neglected garden

The garden is neglected with the passage of time, but it is time to refine it, for it to come back to life, give it a different air by renewing it so that it regains its lost forms. You do not need big things, it is only a matter of small nuances, think that an abandoned garden can become a danger and gives a bad image to the house.
In AgroCorrn we want to give you several tips and ideas to recover the neglected garden . Do not miss it!

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How to fix a neglected garden

You can start by changing a corner that looks boring or has a deteriorated appearance. Another much more important recommendation is to eliminate weeds , remove excess dry branches from the trees, or carry out a pruning in the hedges that need it.

As you can see, there is a long list of tasks necessary for a garden to regain its splendor: the first and foremost thing is to eliminate the weeds that can be removed by uprooting them and adding herbicide to the ground so that they sprout again. Then you should also keep the soil in good condition, for this you can aerate it with a rake and adding a layer of mulch or fertile soil , then check that the drainage is correct so that the ground does not puddle every time it is watered or rains.

Regarding the shrubs, it will be necessary to do a thorough pruning , especially if they have grown too much, it is important to control the size so as not to reduce the clarity of the garden and not disturb the neighbors. If it is too much work, you can start on one side so that it is completely renewed and the following year perform the same operation on the other side. This type of species does great pruning and they sprout again in a few years with a lot of energy. For other species that are not hedges, it may be more advisable to eliminate them completely if they are in very bad condition and later plant new ones so that they grow healthy.

As for the perennial plants, it is also recommended to discard those that are aged, since if they are not going to flower it does not make much sense that they continue to be there. Control the problem of excessive growth, basically to prevent it from invading the garden and clutter reigning. Rejuvenating the plants consists of removing them from the ground to remove the clumps in poor condition and replant those that are still healthy and can continue to give flowers, while allowing you to sow pleasant aromas and show a clear symptom of cleaning.

On the other hand, keeping the grass low is undoubtedly one of the most important things to show off a well-kept garden. Square or rectangular lawns can be reshaped with transplants from other areas and added to the meadow or patches of new grass. You can take advantage of the occasion to make a path that leads to the entrance of the house, for this interspersed elements such as stones in the form of tiles and places planters on the sides.

Finally, if the structures that separate the garden, such as fences , are worn or their deterioration is visible, it is best to repaint them, in the case that they are wooden walls it is advisable to sand it first and give it a good coat of varnish , so that they are like new. If they are made of metal, do not forget to apply an antioxidant product.

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