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Plants to brighten up your garden in spring

The spring is here and is undoubtedly the best time to enjoy a magnificent terrace or garden with beautiful plants and flowers of all kinds that help liven.

If you want to give color and joy to your whole house, don’t lose any detail and take good note of the best plants to put in your garden and be able to enjoy a show of color so typical of that time of year.

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  1. Roses
  2. Tulips
  3. Daffodils
  4. Geranios
  5. Margaritas


Roses can not be missing in your garden during the spring season as they are perfect to give joy and life to it. These are plants that require a lot of care but that give a wonderful color to the garden . You must plant them in these weeks and in a fairly humid ground. Roses are plants that need a lot of light so they should be in a well-lit place for about 5 hours a day. If you decide to plant many in the same area, you must be careful that there is enough space between them so that they can grow without problems. They need daily care and that you remove the weeds so that the rosebush can be perfectly nourished.


Tulips are another of the plants that you can grow in your garden during the spring months. Tulips need to be watered moderately and the soil should never be dry. In the event that you decide to plant several tulips in the garden , you must ensure that there is separation between them so that they can grow without problems. As for sunlight they need 4 to 5 hours a day and once the flowers have withered and fallen, you can save the bulbs for the next flowering process.


Daffodils are plants with a care very similar to those of the tulip and are perfect to grow in your garden. It is a bulbous plant that needs a lot of sunlight and requires watering every couple of weeks. The most advisable time for its planting is in autumn since in this way it manages to bloom during the spring season.


Geraniums are another of the star plants in these spring months so they cannot be missing in your garden. If you decide to plant Royal Fleur brand seeds, they will begin to germinate after ten days and will flower during the spring and summer months. Regarding watering, geraniums are plants that need to be watered in a moderate way, although in the hot season you should water them at least a couple of times a week.


Another of the plants that will allow you to fully enjoy your garden are daisies. You can choose to plant the seeds in a pot in late spring and once they sprout, you can easily transplant them to the garden. You must bear in mind that the land must be very well drained so that they can grow without problems. Don’t forget that during the summer months, daisies need frequent watering.

These are 5 examples of plants that you can have during these spring months in your garden. These are plants that, thanks to their wonderful flowering, will allow you to give your garden a color and unparalleled joy. Now that spring has arrived, there is nothing more beautiful and wonderful than enjoying a garden full of fully flowering plants. If you follow all these tips, you will have no problem growing these plants so that they can flourish without any problem.

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