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How to make a maze in the garden

I have always liked visiting public gardens that have mazes because I like to go inside them and practically play hide and seek. I had always thought that having a garden with mazes at home would be spectacular, but I thought it could be too ambitious or perhaps too complicated … and nothing is further from the truth, having a maze at home is possible and in addition to tools you will only need patience .

To make a labyrinth in the garden you can do it with different structures that can be simple so that you do not get too complicated or perhaps something more elaborate. My favorites are the mazes with hedges, grass, plants or flowers. Would you like to know how to make a maze in the garden?

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The type of maze

The type of labyrinth you choose for your garden should be in accordance with the type of garden you have and especially with its size, the materials you have, the time you have to invest in your garden , the weather conditions of your place of residence and above all, of the desire you have to create it.

There are those who prefer mazes with hedges or plants so that they last a long time and be able to enjoy the plants as well as having a fun and sophisticated maze, but of course this type of maze will take time and dedication.

Others on the other hand prefer a temporary and fun maze made with recyclable materials such as wood, stones or whatever the imagination at that moment tells.

How to do it?

You will first need to organize the space where you want the maze to go in your garden and you will have to measure the space to know exactly where you want to place the maze.

Then I advise you that before getting down to work you take a piece of paper and draw (try to make it to scale) what you have in your head, that is, draw the maze as you want it to be, both the shape and the points input and output. Once you have it in mind, it will be your point of reference to be able to start making your maze.

Next, and according to your written plan, mark the rows where you want the plants to be on the ground with tape and where you want them to grow. Then you should start planting your hedges or the plants you have chosen to organize the labyrinth, remember to leave space between the rows where the plants will be placed so that people can pass, a little more than half a meter would be enough.

In the growth process remember to take care of your plants continuously so that they grow strong and healthy and have a showy appearance, likewise you should not forget the importance of fertilizing it during the year so that it remains strong .

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