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Remove grass from the garden

The weeds are one of the nightmares of those who dream of a beautiful garden where only show off their beautiful ornamentals, herbs or fruit accompanied by a doted floor natural grass.

In this sense, grass is one of the most common and heavy weeds in areas with a continental climate and those where frosts are more common. Is it driving you upside down too? Then take good note of what we tell you and get to work with its elimination and future prevention … The sooner the better!

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How to remove grass

This rhizomatous-type herb so typical in Spanish gardens can grow from 10 to 30 centimeters high , growing its stem next to the ground and extending its lanceolate leaves in all directions in order, it seems, not to go unnoticed.

How to do it? First of all, you must know some of its basic characteristics to recognize them from the first moment: as an example, this plant provides tiny purple flowers during the warmer months of the year, from late spring to early autumn.

To remove the grass from the garden lawn, you must remove all the large bushes that have established in it, always making sure that there are no pieces of bush in the ground that can sprout again.

Other important considerations

The elimination method will be different depending on the amount and size of this weed in the space, because if in the mildest cases it will be enough to rake to clean the affected areas in the most serious ones, it will be better to use a herbicide than it. attack directly without harming the rest of the grass (that is residual).

To avoid empty holes in your soil, be quick to replant in the affected areas to get your garden back to its best face.

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