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Benefits of pine bark for the garden

Did you know that pine bark is one of the most used materials to make up mulch? The fact that this is so has a very simple explanation: this practice is very beneficial for all the plants that inhabit that land, as well as helping the substrate to conserve moisture and prevent the development of weeds.

To keep the garden soil in good condition, you can use two types of pin bark : raw (as it comes out of the sawmill) or sieved (which has undergone a filtering process and is made up only of small pieces). Both have innumerable benefits that we explain below.

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  1. Keep moisture
  2. Weeds
  3. A resistant material
  4. Other advantages

Keep moisture

One of the benefits of pine bark is that it helps conserve moisture , preventing the soil from getting too hot. In addition, the growth of the lawn is prevented. All this causes the irrigation needs of the garden to be lower.


Another advantage of this material is that it prevents the development of weeds . If it were the case that despite the mulch the weeds managed to grow, it will be much easier to identify and, therefore, eliminate.

A resistant material

On the other hand, pine bark can be stepped on without problems, since it is a very resistant material, unlike what happens with grass, which is better not to put your feet on it to ensure its best growth and development.

Other advantages

In addition to all the above, it must be taken into account that the pine bark generates beautiful contrasts with the green of the specimens. Of course, it also allows the formation of paths and the separation of different areas of the garden.

As if all this were not enough, the pine bark generates a good smell and is totally ecological .

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