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Create a scented or aromatic herb garden

Scented herbs are the aromatic herbs of all life, and these herbs can attract pleasant fragrances of lavender, sage and lemon balm to your nose. Aromatic plants can be used for cooking, to create oils, to make lotions or simply to enjoy their scents, and if you go out to your garden and have scented plants you can enjoy incredible aromas.

Often times, the fragrance of herbs is in their foliage, so their planting must be taken into account so that their foliage can give off the aroma and that you can enjoy its smell whenever you want. Today I want to talk to you about some scented or aromatic herbs that you can plant in your garden to enjoy them.

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  1. Anise swab
  2. Artemisia
  3. Basil
  4. Lavender
  5. Balm
  6. Mint

Anise swab

All you need in your garden will be a gentle breeze to let you know that the anise hyssop is in bloom. Its aroma is similar to that of liquorice and therefore, it is an unmistakable aroma . Both the flowers and the leaves have a great aroma and best of all, they are edible plants and flowers, so in addition to enjoying their aroma, you can also enjoy their flavor. It is ideal to use in tea or as an accompaniment to any of your dishes.


The artemisia are plants very decorative with its large foliage, it is easy to forget her scent smell but when you remember quickly. If you pass a brush through its leaves you can enjoy all its aroma, and it seems that there is a great perfume among all its foliage. Choose the type that best suits you and enjoy all its aroma


The basil is often seen as an herb for cooking, but there are many varieties of this plant and you can pick the one you like or that you think you will be most useful in your life and in your garden. Basil is ideal to have in your garden for its strong and delicious aroma, but it is also ideal to have on hand and enjoy it in your dishes or salads.


What would a garden be without enjoying lavender ? Lavender, in addition to being precious thanks to its shape and its scents, is a wonderful herb that will intoxicate you with its smell. It is a beautiful flowering plant that, in addition to being good for cooking, is good for having a great aroma in your garden or inside your home. In a garden with aromatic plants, lavender can never be missing. In addition, thanks to its color and its soft aroma, it is a plant considered therapeutic because it has calming effects on those who can enjoy it.


The lemon balm is a plant that grows very quickly so if you do not really like gardening could be quite a hassle, but if you have it in a pot or in a well – controlled, it is certainly a good option to have in your home . Many people take lemon balm herbs infused with a little lemon as it is good for a better night’s rest .


The grass of mint is ideal for any garden because not only it tastes amazing, but also the aroma it gives off will not go unnoticed. Mint is one of the aromatic plants par excellence, so you should know that you do not need to chew it to perceive its flavor. If you want, you can put the leaves in an infusion and you will enjoy its minty flavor.

Do you already know which are the scented or aromatic plants you want for your garden ?

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