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Tips for spraying the garden

The spraying has always been an issue that has generated much controversy because some people are zealots of this method but others are totally against. Those who defend it say that it is not only good as a solution but in many cases it can help you prevent greater evils, while those who are against say that natural control of pests and insects is equally effective although it requires a greater effort than fumigation. .

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Spraying the garden: basic tips

The truth is that it is a tricky subject that I am not going to go into since it is the case of each one, but since today I want to talk to you about fumigation, I will explain all the necessary points so that you know how to do it and what benefits you can obtain with her. Take note:

  1. In the first place, the ideal is to use it as a preventive measure instead of waiting until there is a serious problem and you have to resort to it as a solution. This will help you not only to prevent, which is the first objective, but to take care of all the plants a little more since the aggressiveness is lower by not needing as much chemical products as when you fumigate to treat already developed infections.
  2. As a preventive measure apart from spraying, tell you that it can help you a lot to grow aromatic plants since they are the ones that repel mosquitoes the most, especially basil and lavender. Do this before spraying since if you do it when there is already an infection it will not be worth anything.
  3. It is very important to know which pest there is in particular is the one that is developing or which has more possibilities since this way you will be able to treat it with greater precision. You must buy the specific products for each of them and use them with the smallest possible spectrum so that it only has an effect in the area where it has to be and does not harm other insects that can be good for the plants or the garden.
  4. When you buy the necessary products, find out how often and in what doses you should spray to be able to do it correctly and that your plants are always in perfect condition.
  5. Whatever treatment you use, keep in mind that you must always use the least amount of product possible to avoid damaging the environment and achieve the desired effects on each plant.

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