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Hydrangea varieties

Hydrangeas are one of the plants that bloom the most during the summer, thereby achieving a truly spectacular appearance. There are many varieties, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and, especially, the characteristics of the area where you live, so you can get the most out of it.

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Hydrangea types

Each variety of hydrangea has its characteristics, such as size, shape or color, so your choice will also depend on what you most want to have to decorate. Take note of the main hydrangea varieties:

  • Macrophilic hydrangea: it is characterized by having very large inflorescences, with flowers that are very showy and in different colors. When the flowers mature, they begin to harden instead of withering, and their color changes to more ocher tones. When it has fully matured you can use it as a dried flower. You can choose it in colors like blue or lilac, developing different shades. There is also a variety in white that is very elegant.
  • Virginia hydrangea : it is much more resistant than the previous one and its flowers are white. It is one of the most beautiful varieties, both when it is flowering and when it has already done so. The leaves are lighter, thinner and softer than the macrophilia variety.
  • Hortensia paniculata : it can reach two meters in height and its leaves acquire their most beautiful color when autumn arrives. The shape of the flowers is very characteristic as it is panicle-shaped. The flowers are white and some are fertile and some are not.

Whichever variety you choose, it will always need high humidity and the soil to be acidic. Be careful with the sun as they cannot receive much directly. To see more details about their care, click here.

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