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Benefits of earthworms

Although for humans they are one of the most unpleasant animals, earthworms are an ideal resource to keep the lawn in our garden in optimal condition.

Its benefits are multiple and its damages are not too abundant, so now you know … know well the benefits of earthworms with this AgroCorrn article in which we tell you all about them and let them help you out in the garden!

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Benefits of earthworms for the garden

To begin with, you should know that, although at first glance you could classify it as a pest or the symptom of a problem in your plants, the presence of earthworms in the soil is a good indicator that the substrate or soil is really It is in perfect health conditions , since its state allows the presence of these animals and, as in any balanced ecosystem, the action of worms on the earth helps it to remain free of problems, such as flooding, pests, etc.

Generally invisible, these worms are usually found in the deepest layers of the earth that they themselves condition; However, in the most humid times of the year (spring and autumn) the worms tend to rise to the surface, leaving the substrate full of ‘humus’, which is nothing more than the result of the earthworms ‘ own excrement .

Blur that grimace from your face, because although it is unpleasant to think about it, the feces or excrement of the earthworm provide a large amount of nutrients that will benefit your lawn not only in terms of its health but also aesthetically. and it is that your floor will look much more beautiful.

In addition, earthworms also help in the decomposition of the straw, in the creation of usable nitrogen in the soil and in the ventilation of the same thanks to the fact that they help to move the earth and that the air and water of the soil circulate through it. surface.

Unfortunately, the presence of earthworms can also be negative on some occasions: mounds of excrement on the ground can negatively affect the appearance of your garden while excess earthworms can attract some secondary pests such as moles, which are they feed on them. Therefore, although it is good to have earthworms in the garden, you have to know how to control them a little to avoid these problems.

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