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How to get rid of slugs and snails naturally

If you have a garden or an orchard, surely, you have met the company of snails and slugs or limacos. These mollusks feed on plants, both their leaves and stems as well as flowers and their fruits, which makes the garden or orchard look dull and we run out of our food, in the case of orchards.

If you were wondering how to eliminate slugs and snails naturally from your land, orchard, garden, terrace or patio, in AgroCorrn we explain the most effective ways to get rid of these animals in your area without having to kill them. So forget about buying insecticide for snails or diatomaceous earth, which although effective are very harmful and even lethal for them, and take note of these home remedies to eliminate slugs .

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  1. Catch the slugs and snails and take them somewhere else
  2. How to use coffee to get rid of snails and slugs
  3. Garlic to eliminate slugs and snails
  4. Coarse salt or eggshells: barriers against slugs and snails
  5. Washing Nut Soap
  6. Natural predators of slugs and snails
  7. How to prevent slugs and snails in the garden and garden

Catch the slugs and snails and take them somewhere else

The first advice and remedy on how to eliminate slugs and snails from the orchard or garden is a win-win option , this means that we all win. Although it may seem tedious or a long process, we will remove these mollusks from our land and they will remain alive and, if possible, in a safer place for them.

You will have to catch them to take them to another place , quiet is easier than it may seem. You can place shelters and traps to catch these animals. For example, place tiles or other elements that serve as shelter such as special baskets to catch them. Every day you can check these “traps” and remove them. When you have collected all of those you have caught at these sites, you can take the slugs and snails to another location away from your terrain where there is a lot of vegetation and some water nearby, such as a river.

Another tip is that you take advantage of the rainy days to catch them, as they come out to take advantage of the humidity.

How to use coffee to get rid of snails and slugs

One of the most used home remedies against snails and slugs is that of coffee grounds in the garden or orchard. The remains or grounds of the ground coffee are very effective as a barrier against slugs or limacos, snails and worms, since it makes it difficult for them to pass through that area and also the composition is strong for them, and can become toxic, and repels them immediately.

Put a thin layer of ground coffee or its grounds after using it in the area you want to protect. Do not be afraid to pour it very close to the plants, as coffee is very good for the earth and helps to improve its composition by helping it to have more nitrogen.

In addition, another option is ashes , which have the same repellent effect for these animals, but are not as beneficial for your plants.

Garlic to eliminate slugs and snails

Another product to effectively eliminate snails and slugs without actually killing them is garlic, a plant that we use as food and has thousands of properties, benefits and uses. It is a powerful repellent due to its strong components and it is very easy to use while it does not harm plants, crops or the environment. In addition, this natural remedy repels many more unwanted animals in orchards and gardens, such as aphid pests and is even one of the best home fungicides .

You can chop a few garlic cloves and spread the pieces around the area you want to protect or, you can make an infusion in large quantities to sprinkle it on the ground and plants when the sun does not hit them to prevent them from burning with the liquid and the sun’s rays.

Coarse salt or eggshells: barriers against slugs and snails

Both coarse salt and pieces of eggshells are very effective in fighting slugs and snails in the garden and orchard . They form a barrier that is very unpleasant for these animals and others, such as some worms, because on the one hand they prick and on the other the salt bothers them and even causes damage. Therefore, as soon as they begin to notice the barrier of coarse salt or eggshells, they decide to leave this place in search of a better one.

Spread a thin layer of these elements around your plants, but do not add too much salt to the soil because it could spoil it and damage your plants.

Washing Nut Soap

Soap made with washing nuts is a very suitable home and natural remedy to eliminate these types of pests and others, such as insects and fungi. ¿ How to combat snails and slugs with washing soap nuts ? It is very simple.

First you have to prepare the liquid soap with washing nuts and, if possible, concentrated. To do this, you can follow the recipes that we teach you in this other AgroCorrn article on How to make liquid soap with washing nuts .

When you have it ready, you just have to spray with this soap all the plants that you want to protect, both the leaves and the flowers, the stems, the branches, etc. Although you think that being soap will harm plants, it is not like that, because it is totally natural and does not have artificial chemicals. It does not harm them and the animals either, but it repels them by not being able to slide or eat well in these. You will see that in a short time all the snails and slugs leave this area to go to a better one for them.

Natural predators of slugs and snails

The best of the home remedies to eliminate slugs and snails naturally is to let nature act. Allow other animals that will not harm, or will do so to a lesser degree, your garden or garden to inhabit it and feed on these mollusks. Some of the natural predators of snails and slugs are:

  • Hedgehogs
  • Shrews
  • Salamanders
  • Toads
  • Frogs
  • Turtles
  • Snakes
  • Ducks
  • Chickens
  • Birds like robins

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How to prevent slugs and snails in the garden and garden

Take note of these other tips to prevent slug and snail pests on your land:

  • Use the above remedies not only as a pest treatment, but as a prevention method.
  • Water in the mornings , except when it is sunny as the plants can burn.
  • Use drip irrigation to prevent water build-up on plants and excess moisture. Here you can learn How to make a homemade drip irrigation system .
  • Frequently aerate the soil to remove mollusk eggs.
  • Add plants that repel slugs and snails , such as nasturtiums, mustard, rosemary , lavender , sage, nasturtium, begonia , geraniums, or bergenia.
  • You can use granules of essential oils to place in the soil around the plants as a barrier, its strong aroma will repel mollusks.

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