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How to remove weeds from your lawn

In gardens, orchards or on any surface where we have grass, it is common for plants known as weeds to grow. Perhaps the name is not the most appropriate. Some of the so-called weeds are actually plants that can be very valuable, for example, the case of red valerian or dandelion.

However, if you are one of those who tries to take care of the lawn or garden, the weeds can not only be unsightly in that space but also compete for water, light and soil nutrients with the rest of the garden plants and the lawn itself. That is why in the following EcologiaVerde article, we will explain how to eliminate weeds from the lawn in different ways.

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  1. Weed problems
  2. How to pull weeds
  3. Herbicides against weeds
  4. Brush cutter for weeds

Weed problems

If you want to keep your lawn spotless, you must control and keep weeds at bay. As we have already commented previously, the problem with weeds is not only that they give the feeling of abandonment and neglect, but neglecting the growth of these plants can cause other inconveniences that directly affect the health of our lawn:

  • They compete with the plants you are growing for the same soil, light, water and nutrients . Which can cause your plants not to grow in all their splendor because weeds will destroy those limited resources.
  • Weeds greatly facilitate the appearance of pests , for example, the cochineal or aphid. These pests will not only affect weeds, but will also cause damage to lawns and other plants in the garden.

How to pull weeds

As in so many other occasions in life, the best option is not always the simplest. In this case, surely the best thing is what you have done your whole life, that is, roll up your sleeves and pull the weeds from the lawn one by one.

What you should do is take the plant and carefully stretch it avoiding it from breaking. In this sense, this is a task that will be much easier to do if the soil is wet. That is why the best thing you can do is water or wait for it to rain and pull them up immediately, if you let a long time pass, the plants would bloom again or leave their seeds in the ground.

If doing it with your hands seems too hard work, one option may be to use the hoe, but be careful, when using the hoe, you must take into account not to hit or split the root, since then the plant will grow back from new.

Herbicides against weeds

If what we have explained in the previous section seems like too much work, you still have some options that do not require so much physical effort, for example, the use of herbicides to eliminate weeds:

  • Selective herbicides : they eliminate some type of weed in particular.
  • Total herbicides : they eliminate any type of weed.

For example, Glyphosate, a herbicide with negative effects , is used to eliminate any type of weed. When the plant absorbs these herbicides, it is affected and ends up dying. That is why if you use a selective herbicide, it is advisable to be very careful when spraying it to prevent it from spreading through other plants or the lawn.

Among the most ecological and recommended alternatives , we have homemade preparations based on vinegar. The acetic acid present in this liquid has been shown to be an effective contact herbicide. In the following EcologiaVerde article, we explain how vinegar, acetic acid and weeds work .

Brush cutter for weeds

If the lawn is very extensive, another great solution to eliminate weeds can be a brush cutter . Among the main advantages of this machine is that you can clean a very wide area of ​​land in a few minutes and very easily. On the other hand, all that weed that you eliminate can be left crushed integrated in one place.

However, you should be clear that this method does not remove the roots of the plants, but simply the superficial part of them. That is why from time to time you should repeat this process so that you can eliminate the plants as they grow.

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