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Growing orchids in trees

Are you interested in planting orchids on a tree ? Well, you are in the right place! These are some of the most sought after flowers in the world and it is no wonder they are super beautiful. Of course, to grow them in trees you will have to resort to a specific species: epiphytic orchids.

These types of orchids make up more than 90% of the total species and hang from trees or shrubs. They come from tropical regions , their needs are low and they obtain water from the humidity of the air with aerial roots. Do you want to know how to grow them? Well pay attention!

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  1. Choose the tree
  2. How to plant
  3. care

Choose the tree

The most important thing when planting an orchid on a tree is choosing the right one. So once you have got hold of this type of orchid which, by the way, you will find it for sale very easily and in a wide variety of species, shapes and colors, get to work with the choice. The most worthwhile thing is that you opt for the species that can give half shade to the orchids , since if the sun gives them too much or too dark, they will not bloom in perfect condition.

In addition, you should choose trees that do not produce resin, such as those with thick and irregular bark. For example, you can use the elderberry or chickadee.

How to plant

Once you have chosen the orchids and the tree, it will be time to plant. The first step is to gently attach the plants to the trunk. It is best to tie the orchid bulbs with strands of plant fiber. Then wrap around the trunk, tying the bulbs tightly but not too tightly.


The most important thing when caring for your orchids is to keep the roots moist, since they are in direct contact with the environment.

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