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The importance of removing leaves from the garden soil

In autumn, the green color of the leaves , caused by the chlorophyll pigment, is absorbed by the plant, which uses it as a reserve, other pigments such as carotenes appear. When this happens, the tree realizes that winter is coming and, therefore, sheds all the leaves, which fall like blankets on the garden floor.

But what to do with all the litter when the trees lose their colorful autumnal hand and the ground is covered with multicolored leaves? Today we tell you what you have to do and why you should do it.

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  1. Dried leaves benefits
  2. Disadvantages of dry leaves
  3. How to clean the garden

Dried leaves benefits

The dry leaves can protect the lawn from frost, conserving the humidity in the soil and, in addition, they can fertilize the soil when they decompose. Fallen leaves contain up to 80 percent of the nutrients that a tree absorbs during the growing season. By allowing decomposition in the soil, it returns its all its nutrients to the soil, where they are reabsorbed by the roots and channeled for a new growing season.

Disadvantages of dry leaves

However, wet leaves are dangerous if left on a patio or tile floor as they form a slippery brown carpet. In addition, it is advisable to remove fallen leaves on young shoots, grass, evergreens and lawns, as the plants can rot in reaction to wet leaves. And is that if we leave the fallen leaves on the lawn waiting for it to become compost, those leaves will suffocate and kill the grass long before it becomes compost. But that is not all! Lack of light, air and water can cause unsightly brown spots on your lawn and the appearance of insects, fungi and other diseases.

How to clean the garden

To clean your garden of leaves you will need a broom or rake, gloves, dustpan, garbage bags and, if possible, a vacuum cleaner of leaves. It is best to clean in areas, starting at the ends, sweeping the leaves in small piles. Afterwards, they must be lifted with the dustpan and placed in a bag to prevent the wind from spreading them again. If desired, they can be lightly stepped on to crush them and reduce their volume. If you want to take advantage of them you can create compost.

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